A Guide to History of Lotion Pump Head
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    • Last updated July 29, 2021
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A Guide to History of Lotion Pump Head

Posted By jingye yuyao     July 29, 2021    


  Lotion pump products are widely used in the packaging of daily chemicals, cosmetics and medical supplies such as beauty, hairdressing and washing products.

  A lotion pump head is a mechanical device that releases the contents in a predetermined form through the principle of generating a vacuum by pressing and has a sealing performance.

  After decades of development, pumps have penetrated into every aspect of daily life. Moreover, the functions, appearance, and practicability have been greatly improved.

  The following is a brief introduction to the development history, working principles, and inspection standards of various pumps.

  Let’s dive right in!

  The History of Dispensing Pumps

  There are historical records that can be found in China, 500 years ago, in the 14th year of the Ming Dynasty (AD 1449), this type of dispenser was commonly used, and it was called “water dragon”.

  “Water dragon” is the common name for fire extinguishers in the old days: it consists of a wooden barrel about 0.8 meters high, about 0.8 meters wide and about 1 meter long, and several auxiliary buckets, equipped with water hoses, spray gun heads and other facilities.

  A well-shaped wooden pad is installed at the bottom of the bucket to facilitate the stable placement of the water dragon. Two pumps made of copper are placed side by side in a large wooden barrel.

  There is a piston in the pump that can be moved up and down. There are water inlet and water outlet valves inside. The piston is connected with the upper lever. Press the lever and water can be sprayed out. The two walls on the left and right of the barrel wall are equipped with a movable iron ring handle, which is convenient for two people to lift the water dragon when saving water, and the other two use one hand to assist with the handle to reduce the load of the person carrying the water dragon, speed up the running speed.

  The comparison of the development of Chinese and foreign modern history is also reflected in the development of the distributor. Industrialized production and consumer demand have brought about the vigorous development of European and American distributors. The first thing that emerged was the dispensing pumps.

  The concept of aerosol valve originated in 1790 with the introduction of a pressurized carbonated beverage in France.

  In 1837, a person named Perpigna invented an aerosol bottle containing soda water.

  In 1899, inventors Herlbling and Pertsch applied for the first patent for aerosol cans using methyl and ethyl chlorides as propellants.

  In 1930, the French cosmetic giant L’Oreal invented Lotion (lotion). But that is not as convenient as the use of lotion pumps. The most commonly used are lids (Qianqiu lids, butterfly lids, and even aluminum cans). Nowadays, there are still a considerable part of the market in Europe and the United States in large-package shampoos and shower gels. Especially the reasons: one is the traditional use habit, and the other is environmental protection.

  In 1966, an eighth grade student in a junior high school in Quebec, Canada, used a ballpoint pen and a tube to invent our first lotion pump in a science experiment class. At that time, a large hand sanitizer company used this design to develop a lotion pump head that could be mass-produced (and was respected and did not apply for a patent), which is the prototype of the pump head structure we commonly see today.

  In 1996, a European and American company caused a water intake problem due to a design defect of the lotion pump head used in baby products, which constituted a lawsuit. Three companies around the world set out to invent the anti-inflow pump head that has led the trend for decades. The lotion pump head enters a new era.

  In 2013, a domestic manufacturer in China responded to the new demands of the daily chemical giant Unilever’s Unilever market and launched the world’s first lotion pump specifically for e-commerce channels.

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