The Importance Of The Lotion Pump Head

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The Importance Of The Lotion Pump Head

Posted By jingye yuyao     August 5, 2021    


  1. The importance of the pump head of the airless pump cosmetics bottle

  Cosmetic pump head is a kind of cosmetic packaging material produced by airless pump bottle for cosmetics using pump technology. Cosmetic lotion pump heads have been widely used in the packaging of lotions, shampoos, shower gels and other products. A good pump head is the beginning of a good experience. Therefore, cosmetic brands should pay more attention to more details of pump head of the airless pump bottle for cosmetics.

  2. The details to pay attention to when choosing a pump head for a vacuum pump bottle for cosmetics

  ①The cosmetic pump head of airless pump cosmetics can be used by squeezing with one hand. In some special cases, it can avoid the trouble of opening with both hands.

  ②The cosmetic pump head is labor-saving, and some cosmetic bottle caps and other packaging are laborious to open, which affects the consumer's experience. For this, the cosmetic pump head can solve this problem well.

  ③The cosmetic pump head of cosmetic airless pump bottles does not need to be opened, which is more clean and hygienic, reducing the trouble of opening.

  Choosing the pump head of the vacuum pump cosmetic bottle is not only these, but also depends on the effect of pressing and what problems there are. Trying the product directly is the most intuitive. Secondly, the quality of the pump head of the airless pump bottle for cosmetics, whether the quality passes the test, the appearance and craft quality are also important. Finally, it is also necessary to understand the price of the airless pump cosmetic bottle pump head. More comparison can make a better choice.

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