About New Cutscenes in World of Warcraft
    • Last updated August 11, 2021
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About New Cutscenes in World of Warcraft

Posted By MMO gamefans     August 11, 2021    


There are only a few cutscenes in the current Warcraft Raid, but some dialogues. The community has now taken on the task of underlaying these dialogues with suitable cutscenes and, after Garrosh, has now also provided the end of Tarragrue and the Nine with suitable videos.

In the past, Blizzard was known for underlining epic moments in WoW history with at least as epic cinematics. That they can still do that is shown by many cut scenes as part of the pact campaign or the visually stunning trailers for the game and the individual patches. In the current raid, the Sanctum of Dominion, they have saved a little at this point. Because many situations lend themselves well to highlighting them with a short in-game cinematic.

At least this is the opinion of YouTuber Felimations. For his part, he took the trouble and equipped two places in the raid with self-made cinematics, where the characters accompanying us in the game hold a dialogue that is important for the further path in the sanctum. You shouldn't necessarily expect the same high quality from it as from Blizzard - if only because it doesn't have the same resources at its disposal - but the work is definitely impressive.

He only takes the existing dialogues and accompanies them with short in-game sequences from the NPCs involved. This ensures more immersion and nobody can miss the story elements anymore, for example because they play without sound and do not follow the chat.

The only thing missing now is an add-on or another possibility to automatically integrate these cinematics into the respective places in the game. However, this will not be so easy to do as they are not part of the WoW files.

How do you like the new cutscenes? Do you think Blizzard should increasingly rely on such, easily and quickly created cutscenes or do they disturb you in the flow of the game and you prefer a few, but longer and higher quality video sequences?

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