Planning For The Future Plastic Pump

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Planning For The Future Plastic Pump

Posted By jingye yuyao     August 26, 2021    


  With industry experts anticipating shortages of plastic products(while reducing unnecessary waste).

  We care deeply about our customers’ health and satisfaction, so we wanted to take this opportunity to explain what a shortage in plastic pump head and sprayers means for you .

  Shortage of Pumps and Sprayers to Affect All Brands in 2020

  Since late February, we’ve been filling far more orders than previously planned. While we’re incredibly grateful to our loyal customers, that increase means that plastic component manufacturers around the world are feeling the strain, as are recycled material processors.

  Currently, these domestic lead times can be anywhere from 12-40 weeks! Rather than the normal 3-6 month window, manufacturers have started requesting orders for 2021. During this time, it’s unavoidable that most companies will run out. In some areas, we already have.

  Through our meticulous planning, we’ve gained a greater understanding of consumer demand. As a company that prides itself on sourcing components made entirely in the United States, we’ve had to look elsewhere to serve our customers – even if it’s only for backup. There are still, however, a few uncertain elements that we’re facing proactively.

  Planning for the Future with Sustainability

  Since February, we’ve pivoted to dramatically increase our refill pouches and concentrates, which is something we were already planning to roll out later this year. Our current goal? To phase out multi-packs of ready-to-use bottles for most of our product lines.

  The second option is to purchase a refill pouch or concentrate bottle. Compared to ready-to-use bottles, this saves at least 20% per ounce, and a regular subscription will save 15%.

  Still want to purchase one or more ready-to-use bottles? We’re happy to provide those, but you’ll miss out on discounts and a money-saving subscription option (unless refills or concentrates aren’t offered at that time).

  Whether you’re using our glass bottles or the bottles your products come in, the concept is the same: Clean out your pump and/or sprayer by removing it from the bottle, scrub all exterior surfaces with dish soap and a bristled brush, then pump/spray clean warm water through the nozzle until it’s flushed clean. Rinse the entire mechanism, shake off excess water, and reconnect it to the bottle. Refill the bottle as desired.

  Our pumps and sprayers have been thoroughly tested and built to last. In fact, my family has been using the same hand soap bottle and pump for almost 5 years.

  The exceptions are pumps unique to foaming products, as well as laundry detergent and hair care (which dispense more solution than smaller versions). If that’s the case hang onto the bottles, pumps, and sprayers for your favorite products to refill later.

  Our refill pouches utilize 90% less plastic, water, and energy. What’s more, our efforts have saved more than 200 tons of plastic from entering the environment – let’s keep that going!

  As a professional trigger sprayer factory,we accept all kinds of window hardware orders, welcome to consult.