Characteristics of New Flotation Equipment

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Characteristics of New Flotation Equipment

Posted By tank mixing     September 11, 2018    


The Flotation Equipment was completely transformed and introduced through the introduction of a new flotation system. The flotation system is based on a set of devices that float in a circular pool. It consists of six pontoons, each with an impeller, air distributor and foam wash tank. The circular arrangement shares the tank wall with adjacent units, providing a compact floating circuit with fewer tubes between units and less space.

The high-power flotation machine (high speed, standard rotor size) is used to increase the recovery of fine particles at the tail. A low-power flotation machine (low speed, large rotor) is at the end of the line (mixed with higher energy batteries) to increase the recovery of coarse particles.

This brings the following benefits:

The highest effective volume reduces the foam stroke.

Improve metallurgical performance, reduce capital and operating costs, and grade recovery on the basis of reduced manufacturing materials and ease of maintenance.

Triangular mixing vessels have been shown to provide better mixing in slurry applications, thereby increasing reaction efficiency and making tanks more uniform. This leads to fast flotation kinetics and better recovery than traditional systems.

Operating variables such as impeller speed, air speed, pulp and foam depth must be adjusted to a sufficient extent to provide the best results in a given ore, grinding and chemical treatment, but the adjustment should not exceed a good hydrodynamic range. Flotation is possible.

This results in a higher pulp volume, which increases the effective energy entering the flotation cell. In addition, the "can" battery provides enhanced foam removal due to the uniform shape of the circular flow cell. With the advancement of intelligent controls and software in the market, fully automatic flotation cells are becoming more and more common.

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