It Is Important to Make Your Syringe Production Line Become Smarter

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It Is Important to Make Your Syringe Production Line Become Smarter

Posted By Zheng ri     September 21, 2021    


Increase effectiveness and efficiency by optimizing your test stations on Syringe Production Line

Leak test is one of the most problematic tests on the Syringe Production Line. The more data you can collect and analyze from each test cycle, the greater the insight you have to increase the station’s reliability and efficiency.

First you have to equip the test station with the right “smarts.”

Software is a key component. Yes, you can improve the electronics, but it’s the software that allows you to achieve better pressure regulation, measure with greater accuracy to smaller increments, and most importantly, gain insight from the digital process signatures or “waveforms” generated by the test. With the right data management software, these signatures can be converted into histograms to easily distinguish a good part from bad, establish a range of acceptable deviation and quickly trace the root cause of a quality issue.

Set your data management and analytics system up for success
Collecting data is just the beginning—to thrive in the Industry 4.0 environment, you actually have to be able to do something with that data.

That means collecting the right data from each cycle of each process and test station on the line, serializing that data into a birth history record for each part and managing it in a single central database. Only then, can a quality team begin to unlock useful and actionable insight from production data.

Data that can’t be utilized in this way has no value, no matter how much of it there is. It’s just noise, taking up storage capacity—a literal waste of space.

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