The habit of giving hope
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    • Last updated November 2, 2021
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The habit of giving hope

Posted By Alex Samuel     November 2, 2021    


The habit of giving hope
Everything is logical
At first they showed musical hopes, today they are served in underground passages.
The habit of giving hope
All today's losers once showed hope, many are so accustomed that they got used to the image of a "talented person" and, apart from hopes, have not learned to produce anything.
Conclusion 1
It is very important to grow out of childhood, to leave your past as if it was not with you at all.
How to apply the output
To get out of childhood, and this task has not been completed for 90% of adults, you have to become intolerant of all this clowning, when someone makes your judgment, praises you, and you get pleasure from this praise ...
Just like one, two, three
Once you gave up hope - well done. You submitted it twice. - "Shouldn't I inflate the rates?" Finish with her the third time. Throw away the hope of a dump of obsolete things and give results already. Moreover, even if the results go negative, still stop with hope, it became rotten after 2 times, go to the results. Anyone.
You have made yourself an apartment design and renovation. It turned out great, i.e. you gave hope as a designer / builder. Then you helped a friend with repairs and construction. He is delighted and grateful to you. For the third time, if you don't have another interesting job, sell the renovation. Stop giving hope and start selling repairs. Just feel this moment “you are promising”, that's it, stop, that's enough. Selling will make you think under pressure, be responsible for doing more, design better, and ultimately make you grow three times faster than when you hoped. Also, don't get ready to sell, but sell right away. Place an ad, so quickly, otherwise if you create a website, shoot a video ... you are going to give hope again while you are doing this. Remember, you get used to giving hopes, these hopes are dragging on like a pink swamp ...
You are in a swamp of hopes
Hope is such a rosy, positive swamp, in which it is very easy to stay and sit, looking from there at all that happens in real life ... while remaining good, talented and potentially successful. Potentially ... Many excellent students are there. Home experts are the same there.
Do you recognize these?
People drowned in positive thinking.

Belief in your positive future, despite your own inaction, is also a result of hopes. They are so accustomed to hopes that now they serve both sides: to others and to themselves. The man became a direct bomb of hopes ...
Give hope ... Do not expect that at the end of a prolonged supply of hope, you will receive something more than you gave yourself - they will also give you: with a salary, a pension, or directly in the underground passage. Free yourself from the opinions of others and start producing results instead of hoping. This way you will be better, so everyone around you will be better.