Is it Possible to Sell a car without Inspection?
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Is it Possible to Sell a car without Inspection?

Posted By Alex Samuel     November 12, 2019    


Selling a car that has been parked in a garage for a long time, which has expired, causes difficulties and questions.

Each car must have a mandatory set of documents, which will be needed to reissue it. This registry of documents includes:
contract of sale;
passports of seller and buyer;
vehicle passport (TCP);
registration certificate;

It is important to remember that the buyer will need to re-arrange the insurance for himself , and to get the insurance policy, a diagnostic inspection card is required, until July 2012 it was called a checkup ticket.

The concept of “diagnostic card”, or “inspection ticket”

This document is issued after passing vehicle inspection at specially equipped service stations. Previously, such stations were associated with the traffic police, but now these are independent organizations of a commercial nature confirmed by accreditation. The map contains the following information:
name of organization that issued the document;
wheeled vehicle data;
the contents of the inspection of components and assemblies of the car with comments.

If the inspection was not possible the first time, then within twenty days there is an opportunity to get rid of the shortcomings of the “iron horse” and pass the test at the same station, but only of those units and assemblies that did not comply with state standards of the technical regulation. When passing a technical inspection at another station, the owner agrees to pay the full amount and pass the check of all systems and units.

The cost of technical inspection of the car varies. The service for passing and processing a diagnostic card in the organization where the inspection was conducted is paid.

Is it possible to sell a car without inspection or without insurance

Without inspection to make a document CTP is considered impossible. But what if the diagnostic card expired and the insurance is still valid? In this case, when selling a car, the new car owner will need to undergo a technical inspection to obtain a document from the insurance service. And only after passing through such an instance it is possible without any consequences to complete a purchase and sale transaction.

It is possible to make a sale without a diagnostic technical inspection card, but it should be borne in mind that, under the law, operation without such a document is prohibited. The only exception is a period of up to 10 days for the execution of all necessary documents (inspection, insurance) and car registration.
Nuances to consider

Firstly, the seller creates a risk for the buyer by selling an expired car. And secondly, after purchasing a car in stock, the new car owner has only 10 days to go through technical inspection, insurance and registration of the car.