Tissot Watches Each Sport has its Own
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Tissot Watches Each Sport has its Own

Posted By Alex Samuel     October 29, 2019    


One of the main brands Swatch group long and closely cooperates with the main sporting events of the world.

In sports, time means everything. Often, hundredths of a second is victory or defeat. Therefore, it is not surprising that the leading watch companies are so kind to various sports, including sailing. Here it is, the target audience, potential buyers - at the helm, on the open, driving on the track, on the basketball floor, on ice, on the judges' benches, in the stands and in front of TV screens during broadcasts. One of the most active watch brands in sports - Tissot. In addition to supporting a whole pool of competitions and sports associations, the company also produces a large number of watch models, “tailored” for various sports. We selected several iconic Tissot watches to show a variety of approaches. Under the specifics of each competition - its own functionality and its own design.


And let's start with the model that is closest to us in spirit. Tissot Sailing-Touch is designed specifically for boaters. The model is included in the Touch line - it is a watch equipped with a touch-sensitive sapphire crystal, which makes it possible to provide them with additional functions. In the model Tissot Sailing-Touch these complications are made in such a way that they were convenient to use during the regattas. Useful information is displayed on the LCD below the axis of the arrows.

So, if you click on the dial at around 12 o’clock, a meteo-histogram will appear on the screen, showing the changes in atmospheric pressure over the past 6 hours. The “2 hours” mark hides the “regatta” function. In it, the countdown to the start is combined with the automatic inclusion of the chronograph. At the “4 o'clock” mark, the “speed” function is activated: the built-in tachometer allows you to calculate the average speed in transit by the time taken to cover the distance. At 6 o'clock, the compass function is activated. At 8 o’clock - two 24-hour alarms. And finally, at "10 o’clock" - an indicator of the tides. Tissot Sailing-Touch comes in two kinds of straps, each with an extension cord so that the wearer has the opportunity to wear them also on top of the raincoat.


Engineers adapted the Touch watch for divers. The Tissot Sea-Touch In Meters has a number of features that are useful when diving. So by touching the glass at 12 o’clock, an alarm is activated, at 2 o’clock - a compass, and at 4 o'clock - a thermometer that displays the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

At the 6 o'clock position there is a zone, when pressed, the function “immersion depth” is activated. An interesting way to display this information: when you turn on the function, the minute hand starts to show the depth, and the scale of values ​​(in meters or feet) is plotted on the bezel. In this case, the hour hand shows the speed of immersion. At “8 o’clock” there is a zone that activates the log of data on previous dives, and at “10 o’clock” there is a split chronograph that can record the results of up to 99 athletes.

Another diving model is no longer from the Touch line. The Seastar 1000 Automatic Chronograph is equipped with a mechanical caliber C.01.211. The stainless steel case is waterproof at a pressure of 30 bar, which corresponds to 300 meters immersion. A black or blue dial and contrasting numbers and marks are the key to readability in low light. The watch comes on a stainless steel bracelet and rubber strap.

Tissot Seastar 1000 Automatic Chronograph
Actively supporting automobile and motor sports, Tissot produces outstanding models dedicated to the famous series of races. So, the T-Race Cronograph model was created in honor of the top seriesMotoGP. The design of this watch is very expressive. The PVD bezel is made in the form of a motorcycle brake disc with sports notches. The winding head is located on a stylized caliper that grabs the brake disc. The back cover is made in the form of a 12-spoke motorcycle disc.

Tissot T-Race Cronograph
The rubber strap is attached to the case with massive bolts. In general, if you want to tell everyone around you that you are directly involved in motorsport, choose the T-Race Cronograph. The sparkle model also has a female special version dedicated to the famous race car driver. She appears at lucky number 7. Therefore, the mark “7 hours” is lined with diamonds.


Tissot has long and very actively supported world hockey. At one time, the brand’s ambassador was evenVyacheslav Fetisov. Of course, the company produces models dedicated to this sport. We chose a watch with a very unusual design - Quickster Ice Hochey 2014. The white dial and blue bezel of this watch are cut with thin lines resembling traces of ice skates.

Tissot Quickster Ice Hochey 2014
It looks very stylish. The watch is waterproof at a depth of 100 meters and comes on a synthetic fiber strap, similar in texture to the materials used in hockey equipment.

Tissot - Sports Timekeeper

But the integration of Tissot into various sports is much deeper than just the release of sports models and branding competitions. Tissot is the official timekeeper of major tournaments and races. This means that all time indications during a sporting event are recorded by mechanisms specially designed for Tissot. This requires phenomenal accuracy - up to hundredths of a second - and reliability. In particular, time with Tissot is measured in races.MotoGP, World Hockey Championships, World Fencing Championships and major cycling races.

Since October, Tissot has become an official global partner. Nba. This means that all NBA American Basketball League tournaments,Wnba and NBA Development Leaguewill be judged by the Tissot watch. By the beginning of the 2016-2017 season, all 29 arenas where the National Basketball League games are held will be equipped with a new time control system, which will include, among other things, Tissot branded scoreboards that record the time allotted for the attack. I wonder what sport Tissot will come next time? Is it really sailing?


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