Lotion Pump Head Custom Parameters

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Lotion Pump Head Custom Parameters

Posted By jingye yuyao     November 3, 2021    


Cosmetic pump heads are very important. High-quality pump heads can improve the reputation of products and differentiate cosmetics. If the packaging of your products is the same as the packaging of branded products, it is estimated that everyone will not pay attention, especially the sprayer pump manufacturer. When you first started, you must quickly occupy the market.

  1. The strength of the manufacturer is determined by the product

When people use cosmetics, they often find that the cosmetics will be clogged and make a "click" sound. This is because cosmetic pump heads have serious quality problems. Inferior pump heads are easily distinguished by consumers, and it is determined by the product. The strength of the manufacturer.

  1. Customize the pump head according to the parameters given by the customer

The price of the pump head is determined by the material. The price of the pump head of different materials is different, and the pump has different mouth sizes. The pump head manufacturer can customize according to the parameters given by the customer.

The quality of cosmetic pump heads from different manufacturers is different. You must choose the pump heads produced by the reputable  lotion pump head manufacturer, which is the most trusted product by users.