A Much Needed Animal Crossing New Horizons Companion
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    • Last updated November 8, 2021
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A Much Needed Animal Crossing New Horizons Companion

Posted By Dhaval DZ     November 8, 2021    




it is necessary to keep track of every single aspect of the gameThere are just so many items to collect, so many DIY recipes to try, so many fossils and animals to collect that it becomes extremely difficult to keep track of what you have and what you don't have. Because of this, a useful app such as the Unofficial ACNH. Guide comes in handy, and based on my personal experience, it is one of the best you can use for Animal Crossing.



Let's start with some of the most fundamental features of the app. The Unofficial Animal Crossing item. Guide is a tool for keeping track of furniture, clothing, items, fish, bugs, sea critters, DIY recipes, fossils, albums, and reactions. It can also be used to track reactions. This app will allow you to keep track of pretty much anything you can collect and will allow you to see what you don't have. Especially if you're a completionist like me and want to collect every single item possible, this will be extremely beneficial.

This site is fantastic because not only does it list items, but it also provides you with information about each item, such as where you can purchase them, when you can purchase them, and how much they cost to either buy or sell. If there is a DIY recipe for that item, it can even tell you what materials you'll need to make it from scratch. When it comes to animals, I appreciate the fact that this guide tells you when you can catch each animal and where you can find them. This was extremely helpful when I was looking for those elusive bugs and fish.

The turnip tracker, on the other hand, is my personal favorite feature. You can use it to enter the amount of turnips you purchase each week as well as the amount of turnips it costs to sell turnips every morning and every evening. Your data will be collected and analyzed by the app, which will then make predictions about when would be the best time to sell your turnips. So far, this has proven to be extremely effective for me every week, and I've been able to maximize my profits on a consistent basis.

The Unofficial ACNH.  Guide is available for free download, but ACNH items contains advertisements. Because of how useful it has been for me, I made an in-app purchase to remove the advertisements, which wasn't that expensive and I believe was completely worth it to express my gratitude to the developer for creating such a wonderful app that is also updated on a regular basis.

Later on, you will be able to construct bridges and alter the landscape with slopes, paths, and other features. The process of completing tasks such as laying a path or constructing a fence is not a quick click-and-drag affair; rather, it is a deliberate and time-consuming process that is all part of the thoughtful Animal Crossing bell adventure. Without a doubt, there were some moments of frustration when we misplaced a fence and had to pick it up and try again multiple times, but overall, the peace was broken by furious swearing after a little more practice.

As in previous buy ACNH items games, Bells are king, and tasks such as building bridges and slopes, or even moving already-existing structures, can be extremely expensive in New Horizons. And, as in New Leaf, you can only build one thing at a time until you've paid off the hundreds of thousands or even millions of Bells that are required, so don't expect to make significant changes in a short period of time. Once again, this is just a small part of buy ACNH bells's long-term vision, as well as the sense of accomplishment that comes with finally achieving your goal. It is, however, understandably difficult not to feel overwhelmed by a 198,000 Bell mortgage and a 228,000 Bell bill for a bridge when you first move in.