Reaming Bit Manufacturer's Steps To Wash Wells

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Reaming Bit Manufacturer's Steps To Wash Wells

Posted By drilling kaiqiu     November 8, 2021    


The well washing operation of Button Bits manufacturers is an indispensable and important step in the working process of water well drilling rigs. The well washing operation is very important to the production process of water well drilling rigs. It can not only improve the production efficiency of water well drilling rigs, but also improve the drilling quality of water well drilling rigs. .
   The well-washing operation of the water well drilling rig requires the constructor to carefully understand, but many constructors do not know how to clean the well. Well flushing fluid needs to be injected during the well flushing operation, so how does the well flushing fluid enter the drilling ground? The mystery lies in the drill string of the water well drilling rig. The drill string is a hollow pipe string. The method designed in this way can well let the wash fluid enter the well through the inside of the drill string, and flow into the well through the drill bit water hole, and so on. A good well cleaning effect can be achieved by using it. When the well cleaning fluid volatilizes into gas, the well cleaning operation is probably completed.
In the working process of the water well drilling rig, the drilling operation and the well washing operation need to be carried out at the same time. The drill bit continuously breaks the underlying rock, and the well washing fluid is continuously injected for the well washing operation, so in order to maintain the uninterrupted well washing fluid Flow requires continuous irrigation and injection with pumps. Only in this way can Reaming Bit Manufacturer meet the well-washing needs of water well drilling rigs.