Do lawn sprinkler systems need to be maintained and serviced?
    • Last updated November 23, 2021
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Do lawn sprinkler systems need to be maintained and serviced?

Posted By thinkwaterau thinkwaterau     November 23, 2021    


Australians typically enjoy open spaces and outdoor entertaining. Consequently, many Australian homeowners spend a lot of time cultivating the perfect lawn to complement their garden and to provide a lush, green area for both relaxation and play. Sprinkler irrigation and irrigation systems Melbourne are integral to both the cultivation of a beautiful lawn and time-efficient care of them.


Whether you have installed irrigation systems in Melbourne, Perth or other parts of Australia it is important to regularly service and maintain your irrigation system. It is possible to service your irrigation system yourself if you are inclined towards DIY. Your local irrigation store will stock all the irrigation system supplies and irrigation equipment you need to DIY service your irrigation system. You will most likely already be familiar with the type of products and equipment you need from the design phase of your irrigation system. You can also speak to a specialist irrigation system designer and supplier at your local irrigation store.

If DIY servicing is not for you, you should be able to find an experienced irrigation system service provider at your local Think Water store which has locations throughout Australia. There is strong demand for irrigation system supplies in Perth and Melbourne due to the large population and diverse climate. Perth and Melbourne residents typically work around the city and suburban areas of Perth and Melbourne. Working singles and families value their recreation time so it makes perfect sense to automate the lawn watering process with irrigation systems. While the degree of automation used in irrigation systems around Perth and Melbourne may vary, irrigation system designs and supplies have soared in popularity in these cities and throughout Australia.


A note about automation of irrigation systems

Lawn sprinkler irrigation has evolved to offer many different automation options for pop up sprinklers and irrigation systems in Australia. Some pop-up lawn sprinklers offer very basic irrigation design - requiring the homeowner to remember to manually turn on the tap to set the pop-up sprinkler irrigation going. The benefit of this system is that the homeowner controls the watering time and makes a judgment about when the lawn needs watering. However, this can also be a disadvantage if the homeowner forgets or is away. Automated irrigation systems in Australia offer full automation controlling the watering schedule and the amount of water irrigated. The most sophisticated options have rain sensors and sensors that determine when the lawn and garden need to be watered. Fully remote systems are also available, tapping into wifi access and giving homeowners many options when it comes to irrigation system supplies and Irrigation Perth system design right throughout Australia. The technology has certainly been embraced and incorporated into irrigation system design in Perth and Melbourne.


Simple servicing tips for lawn sprinkler systems

  • Check your water pressure

It is important to have sufficient water pressure for your lawn sprinklers to operate properly - typically between 40 and 65psi. If the water pressure is too low you will need to consider using a water pump to rectify the problem.

  • Inspect Sprinkler Heads for Damage

Sprinkler heads can become damaged if they are positioned too high, allowing a car to run over them for example. Replace broken sprinkler heads and position them at the right height.

  • Check if your sprinkler head is clogged

Sprinkler heads can easily become blocked - typically evidenced by wet spots or runoff.

  • Adjust watering pattern of sprinkler heads

Choosing the right spray pattern and angle is important for water efficiency and proper coverage.

  • Adjust automated timers for seasonal conditions

At different times of the year, your lawn will require different amounts of water so you will need to adjust your watering schedule accordingly. If you have a controller on your irrigation system, remember to adjust the automated settings.


Some servicing and maintenance of irrigation systems is common sense and can easily be done by the homeowner. However, in the design and installation stage of your irrigation system, it is wise to chat to a lawn irrigation equipment supplier who has local knowledge about your area, for example in Perth. Having a good understanding of the type of lawn irrigation equipment that is available and suitable for the Perth climate is essential when designing a sprinkler system or irrigation system. Other areas of Australia, such as Melbourne, will have other requirements. Using a professional irrigation expert is highly recommended to get the best efficiency from your irrigation equipment and to ensure the irrigation system meets the climatic demands in your region of Australia. Many homeowners actually prefer to use a professional for all their service and maintenance of the irrigation system.


In Perth and Melbourne, a visit to Think Water is a great place to start when designing your irrigation system. They also offer excellent ongoing support and have a full range of irrigation equipment available to keep your lawn sprinkler system serviced and well maintained. If you don’t want to do your own servicing and maintenance, talk to them about the options available.