Why drip irrigation systems are both good and bad in Australia?
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    • Last updated January 17, 2022
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Why drip irrigation systems are both good and bad in Australia?

Posted By thinkwaterau thinkwaterau     January 17, 2022    


The widespread popularity of drip irrigation systems in cities like drip irrigation systems Perth and drip irrigation Melbourne that the technique is suitable for areas where heavy downpours are unpredictable and unreliable. The system is highly preferred for its water conservation benefits and people who want to have a well-maintained landscape confidently pick this option to water their gardens. However, maintaining a flourishing garden also depends on certain factors like the type of plants, the climate, and the soil.  Actors like cost and efficiency are also considered when choosing an irrigation system. In this post, we discuss the good and bad of drip irrigation systems to help you make an informed choice, so keep reading.




What is a drip irrigation system and how does it work?

Micro-irrigation, trickle irrigation, or drip irrigation, all are very similar. In these systems water slowly drips on top of the roots of the plants. The dripping rate is sometimes as slow as 2 liters per hour. The slow rate is considered effective because it ensures that the plant is watered enough without wasting water or energy. The installation of drip irrigation systems Melbourne and Irrigation Supplies Perth is highly beneficial for vegetables, vines, and soft fruits.

The system comprises emitters, plastic tubes, and drip tape. Installing the network is a great deal of work, but once done the slow dripping works efficiently to deliver just the right amount of water. The emitters are installed very close to the plant roots and sometimes even buried under the surface of the soil for effective irrigation. The setup requires either half-inch or 1/4th inch tubing depending on the type of plant.


Why do Aussies love drip irrigation systems?

  • Water conservation: The major benefit of the dripping system is water conservation. In arid or semi-arid lands using an irrigation system that saves water is a blessing.
  • Even water distribution: The tubes sit closer to the plants to ensure that moisture is distributed evenly through the field.
  • Optimum plant growth: The slow pressure water drips work even better to let the fertilizers and nutrients reach the roots.
  • Weed growth: The system works only on the plant roots which results in reduced weed growth in the field.
  • Cost-effective: You get the flexibility to control the water pressure. The network of tubes omits the need for extra employees for watering. To put it simply, you can save a lot more in the long run by investing in a drip irrigation system.  


Are there any drawbacks of installing a drip irrigation system?

The tubes used for drip irrigation systems are generally plastic and the only limitation of this system is the inability to withstand the harsh sun. Melbourne and Perth experience extremes of weather and UV radiation is higher in Australia which may affect the longevity of the tubes.

The tubes also need periodic flushing to prevent clogging. Improper irrigation may result in dehydration of the roots, therefore precise installation and timely maintenance are required to maintain the efficiency of the system.

Another limitation is the increased risk of damaging the tubes by using power tools near them.  To overcome the problems, you may invest in mulch coverings so that the tubes are protected against the stronger sun and the impact of edgers or damaging tools.


Final Thoughts About Drip Irrigation Systems

Knowing the drawbacks helps with informed decision-making. Drip irrigation works better and is highly suitable for the climatic conditions in Australia. However, finding the right quality of tubes and proper installation is essential to ensure the longevity of the system. To learn more, you may get in touch with Think Water. The agency is synonymous with quality and has years of expertise in installing and maintaining branded irrigation system design Australia.