What Domestic water treatment processes are available?
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    • Last updated December 14, 2021
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What Domestic water treatment processes are available?

Posted By thinkwaterau thinkwaterau     December 14, 2021    


Believe it or not, not all water tastes the same. The taste of water is influenced greatly by the way rainwater is harvested and stored. In the process of rainwater harvesting and storage, there is great potential for our drinking water to be contaminated with impurities. Domestic consumers have pushed up the demand for water treatment and water filtration to ensure optimum quality of our drinking water.


Added to this demand is the factor of urban migration - creating a mobile population who regularly moves from one location to another. This has led to an increased demand for portable water filters that can be moved from one residence to the next.


When we think of portable water filters, many of us think about water filter jugs or water filter tanks that sit on the bench, typically the kind you might buy from a large department store. While these work ok for small amounts of water, they are not very effective for filtering all the water we use day to day.


Fortunately, portable water filters also include under sink water filters that can easily be fitted to the hose connecting to the sink tap. Puretec has a range of portable water filters suitable for under bench filter systems, portable caravan filter systems and above bench models that attach semi-permanently to the tap.




These portable water filters can easily be relocated from household to household when it is time to move. The portable caravan water filters obviously are portable because they move with the van. They are also portable in that they can be moved from one caravan to another.


Portable water filters provide a very effective method of water treatment, removing impurities and making the water more suitable for human consumption. Water treatment can even remove metallic impurities such as mercury or copper from old copper pipes. Water treatment helps make the water more alkaline which is preferred by the human body.


Part of the popularity of portable water filters and water treatment has been driven by consumers becoming more health-conscious and mindful of the food they put into their bodies. Filtering water and treating it improves the quality of the water we consume.


Town water already undergoes some water treatment before it reaches our homes. However, sometimes things are added to the water that not everyone wants to consume - for example, fluoride. Portable water filter are able to target specific contaminants depending on the filter medium used to treat the water, giving consumers greater control over the water quality.


If you are unhappy with the quality of your water then a portable filter system may be for you.

You may also like to consider testing your water to see if there are any obvious contaminants that need to be removed via water treatment.


The team at Think Water will be able to help you with testing and treating your water.


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