Remember those initial steps that you went through
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    • Last updated November 25, 2021
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Remember those initial steps that you went through

Posted By wei yisamrt     November 25, 2021    


Tutorial Island was unlike anything you had ever seen. The Newbie Melody and its tunes are still fresh in my memory. I listen to them RS gold often and it brings me back to my youth when life was simpler.

Visually, the Runescape journey is visually represented through the sweet notes, various songs, and parts of MIDI music from Ian Taylor. It takes 3 minutes and 43 seconds. It's like being transported back to early 2000s life. Although it will make you weep it's normal to feel emotion. You were an Tutorial Island "noob" that there was nothing you could do about it.

The foundations of what would be a major aspect of your life for many years were laid with those initial steps. It took a half-hour to understand how bronze bars are smelt and baking bread wasn't easy.

Burning your first Runescape food on a campfire you made yourself wasn't such a disappointment once you found out everybody else did the identical thing. In just five seconds, you could use a bow to kill a large polygon-created rat and shoot an arrow. Tutorial Island was the beginning of an amazing journey that will last for a long time. It will be part of our lives forever regardless of age or how far back it's been.

Lumbridge came next. Lumbridge was the end of the story. It was an unforgettable adventure in which you had no idea what was happening or how to proceed. Everyone was familiar with the area and was able to return when in doubt. Lumbridge was intimidating for new players, let's face it.

The menus were similar to those you saw in the tutorial, however now there was a chat room that had hundreds of players talking to one another. It was difficult to understand the Runescape jargon. You would spend half an hour just reading what the players were saying. Lumbridge was the first place you faced the question "Where am I?" You wouldn't hear anyone because there would be so many other players having private conversations. After a few minutes you'd get a reply "This is Lumbridge in Swans Sydney" and you'd instantly ask them what Lumbridge was and eventually be shown around.

Remember those initial steps that you went through, such as Varrock's chicken ranch, cow farm, and then Varrock? Yep, you sure do. There was always someone willing to help guide you through the game and give you a mini tour of the Free To Play side of Runescape. You would then be able to call OSRS buy gold them your first online friend, and they would stay there with you through the duration of your Runescape adventure.