What You\u2019re Doing Wrong with Your SEO Strategy
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    • Last updated December 8, 2021
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What You’re Doing Wrong with Your SEO Strategy

Posted By oliverjames oliverjames     December 8, 2021    


  1. Not knowing your audience

One of the basic principles of SEO is understanding your target audience. This means that you should know your audience entirely because SEO is the customer's voice. You might have known your target audience and interacted with them, but you don't understand how they behave in their market. Also, if you don't know your target audience, you will be unable to provide solutions and answers to their queries.


  1. Not setting clear SEO goals

You need clear and well-set goals to succeed with SEO. Many businesses run SEO campaigns without clear goals. Their motive is that the campaign with increase traffic hence more sales. However, this strategy always fails as there is no clear goal. When running an SEO campaign, you need to have a particular goal in mind. Is it to increase traffic or generate leads or more sales? Define your goals clearly.


  1. Ignoring search intent

Search intent is the motivation behind a user's search. When drafting an SEO strategy, search intent should be a priority. First, you have to figure out what the user wants to get when they search a particular query on Google. Are they trying to learn something? Are they purchasing a product? Search intent is a hidden ranking factor that impacts SERP results. Therefore it should not be ignored.


  1. Mobile traffic

You might be overlooking mobile traffic. Is your website mobile friendly? If not, you need to rethink your SEO strategy. More than 50% of website traffic today comes from mobile devices. Hence Google tends to favour mobile-friendly websites. Also, if your website is mobile-friendly, ensure it loads in under three seconds.


  1. Backlinks

Are you buying backlinks? This is a mistake people make. When you buy backlinks to boost your website ranking, Google might end up penalising you. You will have wasted your money and also potentially ruined your website's ranking. Instead of buying backlinks, use that money to hire an SEO service company, such as Anchor Digital to help you rank without breaking any rules.


  1. Using duplicated content

If you use content from another website, you will be penalised by Google. Therefore your content should be new, original and engaging.


  1. Wrong content

When you create the wrong content, your SEO strategy will be affected. Ensure that the content you create and post on your website aligns with your products and services or is the right one. Don't create the wrong content.


If you need help developing your SEO strategy, look no further than the digital marketing experts at Anchor Digital. Visit our website or contact us for more information on how we can help you.