As I mentioned above, I stay through eight doses
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As I mentioned above, I stay through eight doses

Posted By wei yisamrt     December 10, 2021    


Ava Accumulator - Who wouldn't need this while shooting? Rune Crossbow - Great one-handed weapon that can be used in a range. We can't wait RuneScape Gold for the dragon to come out! Zamorak Vambraces Zamorak item that comes with a nice range bonus to help reduce the effects from other tools. Bolts with Broad-Tipped Tips - Affordable and great ranged strength bonus!

Toktz-ketxil - Excellent ranged defence for a minor attack penalty that is ranged. It's not a bad trade-off. A Ring of Life - Mainly for the lack of other things to do. Things could go horribly wrong and I've got some pricey stuff. I may replace with archer's jewelry ring in the event that I purchase one.

And here is my inventory when I go out of the banking Two Ranged and two Super Defense Potions - They speed up my trips. I also bank and replenish when the effects of my last dose go away. 16 Monkfish - My primary food item to begin with. While I eat, replace them with bone. 1 gp/50 Nats/Fire Staff - I am able to stack all non-stackable objects and, if I require more Nats (I rarely go through a lot) it is the Aviansies are more plentiful.

Trollheim Teleport - Well, for getting to the God Wars Dungeon. These inv. slots are replaced by Adamantite Bars in addition to Broad-Tipped Bolts. Mithril Grapple – To get into Armadyl's Eyrie (and pretending I'm Luke Skywalker). Varrok Tele-Tab – For quick acess into the Grand Exchange to sell me products. 10 Bones to Peaches Tabs - To replenish my supply of food following the monkfish meal.

As I mentioned above, I stay through eight doses of Ranged Potion (my defense level never drops to the lowest point (although Super Defence Potions are cheap regardless). I usually detect a clue on 3 out of four times, so I usually perform it prior to the next one to ensure that I am being able to get another. I can usual get my killcount up to 130 in 1 run. That gives me about 325k in profits.

You want to merch items which have a consistent fluctuation that is, if it's logical. A product that increases and decreases often, but is predictable. To know when things are likely to increase or decrease outside of buy osrs gold safe this cycle, look for big changes like days with double xp or new quests. Consider merchandising items that are used by a lot of players for their skill, and try to do it in bulk.