Types of Interactive Content and How to Use Them
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    • Last updated December 16, 2021
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Types of Interactive Content and How to Use Them

Posted By oliverjames oliverjames     December 16, 2021    


    1. Quizzes and polls

Quizzes and polls are one of the many types of interactive content you will find on websites. Most people use them to pass the time as they find out more about themselves. The quizzes and polls are appealing to the reader because they actively engage them and provide results immediately. As long as the audience gets their results, they will keep going back to your website.


    1. Interactive infographics

Infographics simplify information for your readers, such as statistical data. Your readers are more likely to read your content if you have infographics. When you add interactive infographics to your content, you will have captured all of their attention. With interactive infographics, a reader can click on certain sections and dig deeper.




    1. Calculators and measurement tools

Just like quizzes, calculators also provide immediate results. You can incorporate calculators and other measurement tools in content that involves salary, taxes and headline analysis, where readers will input personal information to get results. In addition, calculators and other measurement tools are a great way to generate leads.


    1. Interactive videos and live streaming

Videos are known to capture people’s attention from a distance. As a result, more promoters today are getting more innovative with their content and including interactive videos in their campaigns.


Additionally, with technology and social media, one can also live stream to engage with their customers. You can let your audience comment, ask questions and interact with you.  Live streaming is a way to build trust with your audience as you get to show your audience who you are and answer their questions directly.


    1. Marketing games

Games are one of the best ways to capture people's attention. We all love games as they relax the mind. You can incorporate marketing games as part of your marketing strategy. They keep your audience entertained on your website and differentiate you from your competitors.


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