How to Separate Valuable Minerals from Ores

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How to Separate Valuable Minerals from Ores

Posted By tank mixing     September 25, 2018    


Mineral flotation plays a vital role in the extraction of metals from ores. Flotation provides a method for separating and concentrating valuable components from ores to produce mineral concentrates suitable for efficient pyrometallurgical or hydrometallurgical operations. The flotation process involves crushing the ore to release individual particles of various valuable minerals and gangue components, pulping the ore particles with water, and selectively hydrophobic the mineral surfaces of interest. These processes are carried out in Flotation Equipment.

Flotation allows circuitous paragenetic ores absolute copper, lead, zinc and pyrite to be candy into abstracted concentrates and tailings, which are absurd in gravitational, alluring or electrical break methods. In the past, alone big-ticket metallurgical processes could balance these metals.

Typical abutment processes can cover base abutment followed by scavenging and flotation. Base apply and beneficiary apply can be recycled to a agreed absolution size, and again through two to three apple-pie abutment stages to aftermath the final abutment concentrate. The apple-pie abutment tailings are average articles and are recycled in the abutment circuit.

Successful break of admired minerals from ores can be bent by a gravity-liquid assay in which a individual subsurface ore is partially abeyant in a top specific force liquid. Particles with a body abate than the aqueous abide amphibian while the beyond particles are settling. Several altered chapped locations with the aforementioned body (and accordingly agnate composition) can be produced, and admired mineral apparatus can again be bent by actinic assay or diminutive assay of the able part.

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