The Effectiveness of Organic Ranking vs Paid Tactics

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The Effectiveness of Organic Ranking vs Paid Tactics

Posted By oliverjames oliverjames     Feb 10    


What is organic ranking?
Organic ranking refers to search results of a search engine that are not influenced by paid advertising. Organic ranking occurs according to the relevance of the search term. Hence it doesn't include adverts to optimise the site’s visibility or ranking in search results.
Having a solid SEO structure enables your organic search to be ranked highly by Google.
Benefits of organic ranking
  • It is free
  • Delivers an impressive ROI
  • Boost credibility
  • Attract relevant users
What is paid search?
Paid search tactics involve ads paid for by a business to rise above organic results in the fastest way possible. Paid tactics are usually due to search engine marketing (SEM). They use specific keywords that ensure that their pages appear first when someone types a query on their search engine. Several popular paid online adverting include Pay-Per-Click (PPC), social media ads, influencer marketing, banner ads, and ad retargeting.
Benefits of paid tactics
  • Generates instant results
  • Delivers an impressive ROI
  • Offers keyword data that is useful for SEO
  • Attracts ready-to-buy clients
  • Accommodates every budget
The difference between organic search ranking and paid ranking is that organic ranking results from search engine optimisation while paid tactics result from search engine marketing.
Which is better – organic ranking or paid tactics?
Each ranking has its benefits. Their effectiveness depends on what you want to achieve. For instance, if your business wants to achieve instant results, paid tactics are what you need. If you want to get relevant users, organic ranking is what you need. Both of them are effective depending on your goals. You cannot achieve instant results with organic ranking or use no money with paid tactics. Paid tactics will always require you to spend money.
Not everyone sees the benefits of paid tactics, and the same cases go for organic ranking; some businesses don't have the patience for organic ranking.
If you need help learning more about organic or paid ranking, the digital marketing experts at Anchor Digital are here to help. Visit our website or contact us for more information.