Chinese Plastic Handle Manufacturers Pay Attention To Pet Bottle Recycling

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Chinese Plastic Handle Manufacturers Pay Attention To Pet Bottle Recycling

Posted By preform nicole     October 8, 2018    


Now advocates environmental protection, many Pet Preform are recycled, can be reused and valued by pet equipment cleaning. The next step is to introduce the production process of the PET bottle cleaning line through mechanical sources:
The processing and cleaning of pet bottles is divided into five steps:
Sorting - Breaking - Prewashing - Main Washing - Rinsing, these five steps are very important and indispensable.
The production process of the PET bottle cleaning line is as follows:
First, classification
Classification is the separation of impurities from raw materials, such as miscellaneous bottles, variegated bottles, labels and caps. (Polyvinyl chloride / polystyrene / rubber, etc.) can not be separated in the subsequent process, can only be cleaned during the sorting process, or pet cleaning (partial), some things (label paper, bottle caps, etc.). ) can be removed in the future, the device can not wash out the bottle.
Second, smash
In this process, not only the entire bottle is smashed into pieces, but also has a powerful pre-wash function, which is well-operated and can remove more than 80% of sediment and other impurities.
Third, prewash
The pre-washing process removes stains that are easily removed on the surface of the bottle. The process is well done, which can reduce the burden of the main washing process, improve the cleaning quality, reduce the amount of cleaning agent, and reduce the cost.
Fourth, the main wash
The main wash is a key step in the whole process. In the process, it is mainly to remove oil, plastic and other difficult to remove stains. This step is very good and directly determines the quality of the bottle.
Five, straight flush
This process has two effects, one is to float the remaining floating material and the other is to drift in the bottle due to the adhesion of the detergent.
PET bottle cleaning line use precautions:
PET washing bottle production line features: high degree of automation, from crushing, transportation, cleaning, rinsing, dehydration integration, good quality, high output.
First, dehydration: the best cyclone dehydrator, high power, high dehydration rate.
Second, rinsing: It is best to use a scrubbing device (snake rinsing solution), residual stains and detergent to remove further.
Third, the main wash: use washing and heating equipment (snake and main washing machine), and ensure the washing time; use appropriate detergent to ensure all stubborn stains.
4. Broken: Select the appropriate crusher (forced feed crusher heavy machinery), adjust the distance between the cutter and the screen to prevent excessive debris.
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