Some Important Tips About Walking Holidays

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Some Important Tips About Walking Holidays

Posted By franceoutdoors franceoutdoors     Feb 25    


If talking about Walking Holidays then it is a great way to find the whole world. Doesn't matter you are on your way home or visiting somewhere else. You will have to meet like-minded people.If this is your first time on guided walking holidays, you may be wondering where to start, but following these tips can easily put you on the trail.




  • There are two options; with the help of a travel agent or plan your own hiking vacation.

Booking through a tour operator can be a great option for your first guided walking holidays in europe. They organize accommodation, various things and experienced guides. Depending on the destination and travel agency, one day trip or several trips may be offered that require different levels of experience. Please note the level of experience required before booking, as a multi-day trek is different than a trek through the countryside.


If you are planning a walking holiday, you should think about accommodation, transportation to the starting point of the walk, detailed maps and guides. There is a wealth of information available on adventure travel.


  • Equipment. You will need a backpack, hiking shoes, water bottles, socks, poles, raincoat, jacket, hats, and other clothing that depends on your holiday location in feet. Other items may include sunscreen, first aid kit, insect repellent, digital camera and bear spray.


  • Practice. You should start hiking holidays to get in shape and stay in shape before you go on a hiking vacation. Put on your hiking boots and try on all the gear to make sure it's comfortable and works properly.


  • Transport. Make all the necessary travel arrangements and other transport needs such as train tickets or rental cars. Book early and you could get a better price, especially if a discount or charter airline is flying to your final destination.


You may need trains or local buses to get from the airport or train station to the starting point of your tourist holiday. If your route requires rail transportation to connect, consider a train ticket. Train tickets also often include discounts at museums, attractions and local buses.

  1. Documentation - Check passport, visa and vaccination requirements. Vaccinations where necessary should sometimes be taken long before departure. If you are buying a hiking tour from a travel company travel insurance is usually required.
  2. Accommodation - If you have booked with a tour operator, it is included in your tour package. If you are planning on your own, you should book a hotel, guesthouse or accommodation in advance.
  3. The icing on the cake - The last details of the hike are now available. If a foreigner is thinking of learning a few phrases of the local language, it's a long journey with the locals. Bring photocopies of all your documentation and get local currency in advance if you are traveling overseas. Depending on your destination, you may need to purchase snacks on the trail in advance.


Your first walking vacation should be exciting, so follow these tips and go for a great walk.