Under What Circumstances Are Water Pumps  Required?

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Under What Circumstances Are Water Pumps Required?

Posted By thinkwaterau thinkwaterau     March 15, 2022    


The declining rainfall is creating water issues in Australia. Cities like Perth and Melbourne are facing long term drying effects. Therefore, to combat the wrath of water scarcity mechanical devices like water pumps are used. Water pumps are also used in times of flooding which happen from time to time in Australia. In either situation water pumps are essential to transfer water.




Water pumps are used to push water from one point to another. The required flow rate and pressure can be attained through a water pump. Based on the application, a wide variety of options can be offered by a water pump supplier Australia. In this post, we will discuss how innovation has made its way into water pumping applications and which is the most suitable mechanism for you.


When to use water pumps?

Water plays a big role in our day to day lives. From residential usage to industrial and agricultural applications, there are (plural pumps) a variety of water pumps manufactured. The main purpose of water pumps is to take water from one source and direct it to another. For instance, a water pump is required for

  • Domestic water supply
  • Irrigation
  • Livestock farming
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Flood control
  • Sewage movement
  • Water recycling


ushing water from one point to another is not possible with just gravity: you need a water pump. It is beneficial to install an efficient model to improve the water flow rate and overall productivity.


Due to climate changes, Australian households can no longer rely on public water sources and therefore build their own water reservoirs in the form of rainwater tanks. To direct the rainwater from the tank to a shower or the garden hose, a water pump is required. In addition to this, a Water Pump Supplier Melbourne in cities such as Melbourne can also help you to reduce  water bills. Water pumps offer a financialrelief as you can use free rainwater for household purposes.


How many types of water pumps are there?

The basic market segmentation offered by a water pump supplier Perth involves domestic pumps and agricultural pumps.

Domestic pumps are standard in terms of mechanism and flow rate, whereas agricultural pumps are more powerful.


  • Domestic pumps: The most common range of household pumps are submersible pumps, pressure booster pumps and self-priming pumps. These pumps are usually smaller in size and have a lower operating cost.
  • Agricultural pumps: The range for agricultural pumping is comparatively more efficient. The higher flow rate for agricultural applications can be attained from submersible and centrifugal pumps.


How to pick the right model of water pump for your needs?

The mechanism and performance specifications of water pumps have come a long way. Which model works best for you depends on the size of the application. You will need a hose to direct the water and if the water has to travel a long distance, a higher pressure rate is required.


Apart from the size of the area and the elevation level, another key thing to consider when choosing a water pump is the operational cost. Additionally, noise can be a factor. A smaller and quiet pump system Perth is ideal for household applications, whereas noise is not usually a deciding factor when it comes to large scale agricultural applications.


A layman might have endless queries regarding the size and power specifications of different pumps therefore it is best to seek expert consultation before making the final purchase.


Bottom line  

Irrespective of the rainfall, water pumps are used for a variety of applications across Australia when transfer of water is required To have a word with experts on water pump installation Melbourne, Perth and the rest of the country, visit the link given below.