What Are The Common Mistakes In The Installation Of Hydraulic Release Bearings
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    • Last updated April 11, 2022
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What Are The Common Mistakes In The Installation Of Hydraulic Release Bearings

Posted By Ben Woo     April 11, 2022    


    You've been considering installing hydraulic release bearings in your vehicle. This is a great option to gain valuable space in the engine bay and simplify the clutch release system. What are some common mistakes to avoid when installing hydraulic release bearings?

  1. Does not take time to install

    Hydraulic bearing installation is not a simple plug-in. Reading the instructions carefully and making sure you understand how to install a bearing will save you countless hours of frustration. Read the manual. Reread the instructions. Then watch our tutorial to walk you through the process.

  1. No precise measurement settings

    Getting the right measurements is critical. We provide very detailed instructions and videos to help you through the bearing setup. Mounting charts give you the exact measurements you need to successfully mount your bearings. You need a good set of dial calipers to take measurements. Take the time to check to make sure your numbers are accurate. If you email for tech support, we'll ask you for these measurements!

  1. Do not use Teflon tape on accessories

Inlet fittings for hydraulic bearings must be installed with Teflon tape. You might think you have super sealant or other miracle products; don't be fooled. Trust us, we made this mistake personally.

  1. Misdiagnosing leaks

    Almost every call we receive involving a leaking hydraulic bearing can be attributed to a fitting or hose connection. The best way to diagnose the source of the leak is to hang the bearing under the car and wire it up and have someone operate the pedals. Please use this method to pinpoint the cause of the leak before contacting us. It will save you a lot of time if you send us the part without finding the leak.

  1. Incorrect bearing/location of bleed fitting

    For the easiest venting of the bearing, the joint should be sloped between the 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions. Do not point accessories down. The top fitting should be connected to the discharge pipe. When you perform a drain, the fluid is forced up and through the bearing, reducing the chance of air bubbles.

  1. Setting too small or too large bearing clearance

   If you don't set a minimum clearance of 0.150", you don't have enough room for the clutch to wear and it could fail prematurely. Setting too much clearance can cause the bearing to bottom out on the snap ring. This will prevent the clutch from releasing or may cause the bearing to come off the piston. Remember - the RAM bearing is a constant contact bearing, once you hit the pedal, the bearing only returns when the clutch fingers push it back. It always starts with the fingers.

     Taizhou Benwo Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a Clutch Cover Manufacturer and Release Bearing Manufacturer from China. The company is mainly engaged in Truck Pressure Plate, selling Heavy Duty Truck Clutch, Release Bearing, and other clutch components.