Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers Asks You To Choose Products

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Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers Asks You To Choose Products

Posted By dali Guan     Apr 18    


How to choose the ideal outdoor furniture for the garden?

Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers Outdoor furniture is a new fashion among courtyard homes, a must-have for patio gardens, reflecting a new leisure and relaxation life for Chinese people. So the question is, how to choose the right outdoor furniture for your home?

Consider the weather and climate

Consider what the weather is like where you live. Whether it will rain often, whether it is located in the tropics. Hot and humid? Direct sunlight can crack wooden furniture, and metal materials will heat up under the heat of the sun. It is also uncomfortable to use. If you live in a place where there are frequent tropical storms, strong convective weather or near the sea, the momentary strong wind may overturn very light furniture such as aluminum or plastic.

Leave space in the middle of the furniture Flexible and movable

Unlike indoor furniture, outdoor furniture does not have special functional requirements. Therefore, you do not have to be equipped with tables, chairs and stools, or you need to match the size and proportion of furniture according to the size of the space.

Whether it's an open outdoor poolside or a limited atrium garden, remember to set aside an area for activity.

A tall bar table works better than a formal dining table because it saves space by placing bar stools.

Or consider a smaller side table and pouf, which can be moved at any time and more flexible.

Determine the style and material according to the placement position

Do you have awnings in your outdoor area?

Is the furniture on a soft lawn or a hard surface?

Remember, if you are on the lawn, never use cork-framed furniture. Cork will absorb moisture and cause damage to the frame. Try to choose plastic and steel frames instead. If there is direct sunlight, it is best to use a parasol. Direct sunlight can damage furniture and human skin.

Material is more important than appearance

Functional Functional Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers The material of outdoor furniture is very important, it determines the future maintenance. So, don't just look at the appearance when buying.

Cast aluminum and resin are easiest to care for, while wicker or wood furniture requires regular maintenance.