Ways to Incorporate Turkey Tail Golden Teacher Mushroom into Your Routine

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Ways to Incorporate Turkey Tail Golden Teacher Mushroom into Your Routine

Posted By fantasy shrooms     Apr 20    


With a mild taste that some describe as slightly sweet, turkey tail powder is an easy ingredient to mix into a main dish, snack, dessert, or beverage of your choice. In the winter, stir it into bone broth, soup, Golden Teacher Mushroom oatmeal or hot tea in the summer, feel free to blend it with a smoothie or even whisk it into a salad dressing. It is available as a single-species supplement or in multi-mushroom blends.

Versatile powder supports the immune system and gut health.

Convenient capsules support the immune system and gut health.
Superberry-flavored, single serving, powder stick packets mix with water to create a cold beverage that provides a broad-spectrum immune system and probiotic support for gut health.

Single serving packets mix with warm water to create a nourishing, flavorful broth that supports immune health and overall wellness.

It’s important to mention that not all superfood mushrooms are created equal. Om Mushroom offers a number of turkey tail supplements, including organic whole food mushroom powders, convenient capsule form, and naturally-flavored drink mix powders to
add to water.

Each product contains the full spectrum of nutrients and bioactive substances from turkey tail mushroom mycelial biomass and primordia (baby fruiting bodies) to support the immune system and an active lifestyle. If you’re ready to make the leap to proactive health and vitality, Om Mushroom Superfood is a great place to access the benefits of these functional mushrooms.

Golden Teacher Mushroom offers products Golden Teacher Mushroom created from functional, whole food, organic mushrooms that have life-changing health benefits.

Our products contain the proper turkey tail mushroom dosage to support your body’s natural immune functions. If you’re looking to take advantage of the benefits of functional mushroom products