This Card Set works perfectly for PvE support builds and for Lost Ark Gold Buy

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This Card Set works perfectly for PvE support builds and for Lost Ark Gold Buy

Posted By Wuyunyun Wuyunyun     May 6, 2022    


Forest of Giants

This Card Set works perfectly for PvE support builds and for Lost Ark Gold Buy any kind of build that is GvG-based. It lowers the amount of potions you'll need in raids. This will make it easier to save gold.

It also helps to combat as well the Cursed Doll engraving effect, which lowers healing by 25 percentage. It will improve your survival within the game by a considerable amount.

This Card Set comes with three cards:

Card Set Bonuses

3-Set Bonus The effect of items that are used to recover is increased by 15 percent.

3 Set Bonus (9 Awakening) Magic and Physical Defenses are increased by 10%.

3-Set Bonus (15 Awakening) Defences against Magic and Physical Attacks are raised by 20 percent.

Card Locations

Caspiel can be acquired as a reward to complete 50 dungeons that are secret in Tortoyk and as an RNG drop in Caspiel (Field Boss) in Tortoyk.

Mokamoka It can be obtained by collecting the Mokoko Seeds of 350. Mokamoka can also be purchased through the Wandering Merchant in Tortoyk.

Tir: Can be acquired when you have completed Tortoyk (Adventurer's Tome). It can also be obtained by obtaining an RNG drop from Protector Peros boss in Tortoyk's Heart Dungeon.

We'll see you again

This is a fantastic Card Set for PvE or GvG uses. It is perfect with Berserkers who use it with the Mayhem engraving.

What's Boss Rush in Lost Ark

The name suggests that Boss Rush is a challenging mode of play where you have to beat bosses who appear one after another in stages with a time limit. Boss Rush can be played Boss Rush in Lost Ark in solo or with groups of up to four players maximum.

Once you've entered Boss Rush mode and leave the battle waiting area, you can't change your abilities, Battle Items or Equipment, ensure that you fully prepare prior to starting. Potions aren't allowed either, but if a party participant dies, you're able to revive them after waiting for an amount of time.

If you have just completed an entire stage, prior to moving to the next stage it is possible to interrupt your exercise by clicking the UI on the top left part of the screen.

Furthermore, there are three different Boss Rush modes you can take on: Corridor of Silence, Corridor of Trials, and Corridor of the Sun. You'll require the correct ticket for each mode to be able to participate in a Boss Rush.Your Domination stat is a measure of the additional damage you can deal with opponents who're disabled or otherwise impaired. This includes enemies Staggered (stunned) or pushed (moved) or even slapped.


Your Swiftness stat determines how quick you are during combat. This stat enhances your move speed as well as attack speed and reduces the cooldowns for your classes' abilities.


In addition, the Endurance stat is vital to your health and defense which makes it an essential combat stat for tank characters to consider prioritizing. Endurance boosts your physical and magical defense, as well as the efficacy of shields and healing.