The Main Function Of The Clutch

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The Main Function Of The Clutch

Posted By Ben Woo     May 16, 2022    


    The clutch cover assembly is one of the components of the clutch assembly. It is mainly composed of rivets, transmission sheets, moisture-proof rivets, support springs, pressure plates, pressure plate covers, diaphragm springs, and other parts.

    The clutch has three main functions:

  1. Ensure that the car starts smoothly. After the engine is started and before the car starts, the driver first steps on the clutch pedal to disengage the clutch, disengages the engine and the driveline, then shifts the transmission into gear, and then gradually releases the clutch pedal to gradually engage the clutch. Keep the engine speed at the lowest stable speed all the time without stalling. At the same time, when the starting resistance is overcome, the car starts to move from a standstill and gradually accelerates.
  2. To achieve smooth shifting. During the driving process of the car, in order to adapt to the changing driving conditions, the drive train often needs to change different gears to work. To realize the gear shift of the gear transmission, it is generally to toggle the gear or other gear shifting mechanism, so that a certain gear pair of the original gear is pushed out for transmission, and then the gear pair of the other gear is put into work.
  3. Prevent the overload of the drive train. When the car brakes urgently, if there is no clutch, the engine will rapidly reduce the speed due to the rigid connection with the drive train, so all the moving parts will generate a large moment of inertia, which can rely on the difference between the driving part and the driven part of the clutch. The relative movement that may be generated can eliminate the load on the drive train that exceeds its carrying capacity and reduce the damage to the parts. Taizhou Benwo Auto Parts Co., Ltd. A Release Bearing Manufacturer and  Clutch Cover Manufacturer from China. The company mainly manufactures and sells Heavy Duty Truck Clutch, and provides Truck Clutch Release bearings, Euro Truck Parts, and other products.