Introduction Of The Timing Of Adding Fluorine Solvent From China Manufacturer

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Introduction Of The Timing Of Adding Fluorine Solvent From China Manufacturer

Posted By limin fluorinated     June 7, 2022    


Many people do not understand these machines, so once there is a problem, they can only call professional maintenance personnel to the door, which is time-consuming and affects heating. In fact, there are many problems that can be easily solved with a little professional knowledge.

Next, Guangzhou Xiongling will introduce to you how to judge whether it is time to add refrigerant to the air energy water heater.

Refrigerant, also known as refrigerant, fluorine solvent from china manufacturer plays the role of absorbing heat and transferring heat in the air energy heat pump system, and producing the working medium of heating effect.

The principle of the air energy water heater is to absorb the low-temperature heat in the air, heat the low-boiling-point working medium (refrigerant) and evaporate it. The refrigerant vapor is compressed and heated by the compressor and enters the water tank, releasing the heat into the water in it, condensing and liquefying, and then liquefying it. The heat exchanger that throttles and reduces the temperature and returns to the outdoor enters the next cycle. Therefore, the refrigerant is also called the blood of the air energy water heater. A qualified air energy water heater will add enough refrigerant at one time. If the installation is reliable, there is no need to add refrigerant within 10 years.

A: What happens when the air lacks refrigerant?

1. The cold air discharged is not obvious

When the air source water heater is running, a large amount of low-temperature air will be discharged. When the user feels that the temperature of the discharged air is not much different from the ambient temperature, and the cold air is not obvious, it may be caused by the insufficient refrigerant of the air source water heater.

Second, the water heater does not heat up

If the refrigerant is insufficient, the heating efficiency of the air source water heater will decrease and the heating speed will slow down.

3. Report exhaust fault

If the fluorine solvent suppliers china is insufficient, the air energy water heater will report an exhaust failure.