Correct Selection Of Clutch Kit
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    • Last updated June 20, 2022
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Correct Selection Of Clutch Kit

Posted By Ben Woo     June 20, 2022    


    Choosing a clutch for your vehicle requires you to be very careful. Compatibility between your vehicle and clutch is critical and choosing the wrong clutch can damage both the clutch and your precious transmission.

    The clutch is one of the most important parts of a vehicle. The Stage 1 clutch kit with the enhanced organic finish is recommended here for heavy street use and light track.

    If your car has a stock configuration or even some basic bolt-on pieces, your OEM clutch will perform well in street use, giving you longer life and a smoother ride. However, anything north of typical street use will be a problem for your OEM clutch to handle. That's where our Stage 1 clutch kit comes in.

    The Stage 1 clutch kit is great for heavy-duty street use and can take some of the punishment that comes with light track use. These kits are designed for cars with stock builds or basic bolt-ons such as headers, exhaust, or intake.

    If your vehicle falls into this category, you basically need a clutch kit that will give you more holding power than an OEM clutch can provide, while maintaining an OEM-like smooth engagement and pedal feel.

    The Stage 1 clutch kit features a reinforced steel-backed copper Kevlar organic finish. This, combined with the single-diaphragm heavy-duty pressure plate, ensures that the clutch plate retains 70% more capacity than a normal clutch.

    Stage 1 kits feature ductile iron friction plates, grade 4 heat-treated diaphragm springs, reinforced heavy-duty drive belts, and are 100% dynamically rotationally balanced.

    The 4-stage heat-treated diaphragm spring not only produces high clamping pressure but also ensures pedal force close to that of a normal clutch pedal. You will have no noticeable extra effort when operating it.

    The reinforced organic materials in the top layer are great for smooth joints as they allow the right amount of slippage during takeoff. Best of all, it's a spring kit, which means the hub has coil springs that absorb vibrations caused by engine power fluctuations and clutch engagement, and give you a smooth ride.

    They are completely enclosed within the spring retainer to ensure that the spring cannot pop out of the housing and wreak havoc on your derailleur. This feature is present in all our spring kits.

    Taizhou Benwo Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a Clutch Cover Manufacturer from China. The company is mainly engaged in Truck Pressure Plate and other clutch components.