Pros And Cons Of The Lightweight Clutch Disc
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    • Last updated July 4, 2022
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Pros And Cons Of The Lightweight Clutch Disc

Posted By Ben Woo     July 4, 2022    


    A truck clutch disc or simply a clutch disc is a component that is bolted directly to the engine crankshaft and is usually constructed of a fairly large and thick solid sheet of metal. So the factory clutch disc is usually quite heavy. If you're replacing your clutch, you might consider a lightweight clutch disc as a way to save weight and improve performance.

    The main benefit of reducing the weight of the clutch disc is reducing the mass the engine has to turn during acceleration. So in theory, reducing weight here can make your engine more responsive in a similar way to a lightweight crank pulley, which is especially noticeable when lowering the throttle.

    Clutch discs generally save more weight than crank pulleys. In either case, there are lightweight aftermarket options that weigh between 12 and 15 pounds, and in extreme cases, some are even lighter.

    While it's fairly easy to realize the benefits of a lightweight clutch disc in a two-wheel-drive car, the disadvantages of a lightweight clutch disc can easily be encountered in an all-wheel-drive car. Where this usually becomes a problem is when you have to get the car to move from a dead stop. The reason is that all the traction you have in an all-wheel-drive car makes it easier to stop the car when it comes to a stop. The heavy clutch disc has more mass and therefore more inertia. This helps make the car easier to move. I'll also mention that when you start using the light clutch disc, they're more prone to jittering, for the same reason.

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