Inspection Of Auto Parts Composition

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Inspection Of Auto Parts Composition

Posted By Ben Woo     July 18, 2022    


    When a car or truck is used for a long time, there will be some problems, especially the Euro truck parts should pay special attention. In normal times, we can carry out some daily inspections of the vehicle in order to deal with emergencies. There are a few things that need to be said here about the inspection of these parts.

  1. Clean the water tank and condenser

    The water tank and the condensers are important components of the vehicle cooling system and air conditioner. With the long-term use of the vehicle, dust, sediment, catkins, etc. will be mixed in the gap between the two, which will affect the water temperature and air conditioning. performance.

  1. Check the air conditioner pressure and replace the refrigerant

    First, check that (H) is a high-pressure detection tube and (L) is a low-pressure detection tube, respectively, and connect the fluorine pressure detection gauge. After the fluorine pressure gauge is connected, the vehicle starts to run at idle speed. At this time, turn on the air-conditioning switch, and the air-conditioning system is turned on to the maximum to start the operation detection. The pressure detection high pressure in the idle state should not exceed 300, and the low pressure in the idle state should not exceed 60.

    When idling for a few minutes, increase the speed by adding oil to observe the pressure change of the pressure gauge, and check whether the air conditioner compressor is running normally. Then take out the original refrigerant (134a), the weight is generally between 250g-300g, connected to the pressure gauge, and ready to add fluoride, it is recommended to use about one bottle for two or three years of vehicles, and some models can add two bottles.

  1. How to choose a good oil viscosity in summer?

In summer, many car owners complain about oil consumption. In fact, in summer, lubricating oil with lower viscosity can be selected. Of course, this is also under the premise of better vehicle condition and less wear. For old cars with more kilometers and longer age, you should use lubricating oil with a slightly larger viscosity.

  1. How to clean the air duct and replace the filter element?

    The life of the original air conditioner filter element of the car is 12,000 kilometers, which is generally under normal circumstances. The method of cleaning the air duct is very simple, that is, block the air outlet of the air conditioner with a wet towel, and adjust the air speed of the air conditioner to the maximum, so that the dust will be absorbed into the towel. In addition, you can also use air-conditioning air duct cleaning agent to assist the high-pressure gun cleaning 2 to 3 times to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

    Taizhou Benwo Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a Clutch Cover Manufacturer from China. The company is mainly engaged in Truck Pressure Plate and other clutch components.