Three ways to concentrate sludge: for Thickener Tank

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Three ways to concentrate sludge: for Thickener Tank

Posted By tank mixing     October 31, 2018    


Thickening is the first step in reducing the amount of sludge by removing free sludge water. The thin sludge is concentrated into thick sludge. Usually this process is carried out in a Thickener Tank. There are many different treatments, and Golden Machinery explains the following three treatments.

Gravity belt concentrators have been the standard in the industry for many years and are well known techniques. They can handle low sludge loading rates of up to 0.5% and are processed in a continuous manner. However, they have some inherent disadvantages in their method of operation. First, the Gravity Belt Concentrator is an open system that produces a high odor and a generally humid operating environment. This means that the installation must be indoors, with adequate odour control, and the specific work of fluid sealing.

Drum type concentrator: water flows out from the surface of the drum, sludge is transported along the drum by the screw, and finally flows out from the end of the drum. The sludge is inside the flow edge and guided through the drum. The auger transports the sludge along the drum and eventually exits the drum. The screw screw slowly mixes the sludge in the drum so that the sludge can be discharged very efficiently from the sludge. The horizontal position of the concentrator can be increased to 10 degrees.

Centrifugal concentration is an effective thickening sludge technology. They can produce thicker sludge than gravity belt concentrators or drum concentrators, but this benefit is accompanied by additional costs. Centrifugal thickening is accelerated by centrifugal force. Centrifuges are often used to thicken sludge. Primary sludge is usually not delivered to the centrifuge as it may contain abrasives. In addition to effective thickening, they also have the advantages of less space requirements, low odor potential and low housekeeping requirements.

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