Types of Lawn Sprinklers and Their Uses
    • Last updated August 22, 2022
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Types of Lawn Sprinklers and Their Uses

Posted By thinkwaterau thinkwaterau     August 22, 2022    


Maintenance of turf, trees and landscape is challenging in adverse climatic conditions. Indeed, it is our core responsibility to achieve the highest water usage efficiency through the most advanced irrigation methods. To attain the objective of water and electricity saving, homeowners are inclined toward the efficient and easy to set up sprinkler method of irrigation.


Having a lawn sprinkler in Australia is a relatively wiser decision considering the amount of harsh sunlight the lawns get all year round. To avoid brown and unsightly patches on the lawn, lawn sprinklers are considered the gold standard. The following article presents an in-depth discussion on irrigation efficiency through lawn sprinklers. Furthermore, the study provides a brief review of the available types of water sprinklers in Melbourne based on their uses, helping to facilitate informed decision making.


Lawn sprinklers- definition and efficient water use  concept

The sprinkling mechanism is used for irrigation applications. The system comprises a network of pipes and filtration pumps to evenly distribute water in the desired area. The size of the sprinkler system network can be modified according to the area and the soil type. Ideally lawns, gardens and similar areas are irrigated efficiently through a sprinkler mechanism.


Categorisation of lawn sprinklers based on their usage

The categorisation of lawn sprinkler in Melbourne is vast and might be confusing for beginners. Below is an easy to understand description of different types of lawn sprinklers and their most ideal usage as described by experts.

  • Inground sprinklers: Sprinkler systemsare increasingly popular for the aesthetic benefits. The device is buried under the ground and the sprinkling heads pop up during operation. These sprinklers feature automated operation and are suitable for large acreage where manual watering and monitoring of the watering schedule is both strenuous and time consuming..
  • Stationary sprinklers: The spraying mechanism of stationary sprinklers is limited to a certain area. Therefore, if an area of the garden, for instance the flower beds, need a constant water supply, the fixed sprinkler system can be useful.
  • Impact sprinklers: The term impact refers to the powerful jet spray rendered by this sprinkler system. Ideal for parks and large sized lawns, impact sprinklers are best for high pressure water distribution. The impactful stream is not suitable to be used near flower beds.
  • Oscillating sprinklers: Areyet another popular model of lawn sprinkler in PerthThese are the easiest to install and are highly recommended to be used in smaller areas. The oscillating head rotates and evenly distributes water in all areas. The rain-like effect is the most efficient in oscillating sprinklers and they are therefore considered beneficial for residential applications.



Selection of the most efficient and suitable model of lawn sprinkler

Lawn sprinklers save water and efficiently keep the lawns healthy while reducing utility bills. The latest models of sprinklers are equipped with innovative and modern features like automatic timer, flow time and auto shut off operations. Such features not only save water but are also in high demand for user-friendly and hassle free operation.


Selection of the most efficient lawn sprinkler can be done by comparing different models based on the price, innovative features and the intended use. Forthe most advanced models of lawn sprinklers in Perth, Melbourne and many other areas across Australia, visit the link given below.