Composition Of Vehicle Clutches And Friction Drive
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    • Last updated September 5, 2022
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Composition Of Vehicle Clutches And Friction Drive

Posted By Ben Woo     September 5, 2022    


    The composition of the truck clutch can be mainly divided into three parts. What is the structure of these three parts?

    The drive member has a flywheel mounted on the engine crankshaft. The flywheel is attached to a cover that supports a pressure plate or drive plate, pressure spring, and releases lever.

    The entire assembly of the flywheel and cover is constantly rotating. The clutch housing and cover are provided with openings. From this open, the heat generated by friction during clutch operation evaporates

    Truck followers have a disc or plate called a truck pressure plate. It slides freely on the splines of the clutch shaft. The driven member carries friction material on both of its surfaces. When the driven member is held between the flywheel and the pressure plate, it helps to rotate the clutch shaft through the splines.

    The operating members have foot pedals, linkages, release or release bearings, release vanes, and springs necessary to ensure proper operation of the clutch.

    Clutches work by friction, when two friction surfaces come into contact with each other and are compressed, they bond together due to the friction between them. If one rotates, the other will also rotate.

    The friction between two surfaces depends on the area of ​​the surface, the pressure applied to the surface and the coefficient of friction of the surface material. The two surfaces can be separated and brought into contact when required.

    One surface is considered a driving member, while the other surface is considered a driven number. When the follower is in contact with the driver, the driver keeps rotating, it also starts to rotate. When the driven member is disengaged from the drive member, it stops rotating. This is how the clutch works.

    The friction surfaces of the clutch are designed so that the follower slips on the driver when pressure is first applied. As the pressure increases, the driven member slowly reaches the speed of the driving member.

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