Wolong Sheng Xue Jian Dan Xin
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Wolong Sheng Xue Jian Dan Xin

Posted By Cooper Dennis L     September 19, 2022    


Ruan Ling turned around and said coldly, "If you have anything to say, please say it." Du Junping thought for a moment and said, "How about going out of the valley with the girl?" "Why not?" Ruan Ling asked coldly. Du Junping strode out. As she walked, Ruan Ling said coldly, "Who on earth are you? You can reveal it now." Du Junping shook his head and said, "Forgive me for having unspeakable secrets. Let's talk about it later." "Since you don't want to reveal your origin, we won't force you," said Ruan Ling. "But if you ask to go with my sister, you should have an explanation." Du Junping nodded and said, "Of course." After a brief pause, he said, "I haven't known Du Junping for a long time, but I have a deep friendship with him, and I know about his bloody sword. Now he has suddenly disappeared. What should I do during the ninety-nine session?" Ruan Ling said with a sneer, "This is a matter for Du Men. Asking my sister is like asking a blind question. Don't bother." Du Junping sighed lightly and said, "So I'm asking too many questions?" Wang Zhen answered, "It's just a matter of meddling." Du Junping added,Fish measuring board, "But I'm convinced that Du Junping will be able to arrive before the meeting. Can you tell me the address so that when I see him, I can inform him to visit." "Thank you for your kindness," said Ruan Lingwei. "No need." Du Junping knew that there was absolutely no way to make her sister tell the truth without telling the truth. At that moment, he pretended to be shy, sighed slightly, and quickened his pace to move forward. Wang Zhen looked at his back and sneered, "I don't know where this man came from. I hate him very much." Ruan Ling said softly,Adhesive fish ruler, "It's not worth offending him before we find out where we came from." Wang Zhen snorted and said, "If it weren't for the fact that he's brother Ping's friend, my little sister would really have to teach him a lesson." Du Junping walked not far away and listened clearly to her sister's words, but he pretended not to hear them and walked quickly to the valley. When he got back to the next place, it was already the end of the card. King Shura was standing on the edge of the steps with his hands behind his back. When he saw him coming, he frowned slightly and said, "How did you get this trip?" Du Junping shook his head and said, "It can be said that there is no harvest." King Shura laughed and said, "The man you are looking for is now living in the Fazang Monastery." Du Junping was greatly surprised and said, "Who is the senior referring to?" King Shura walked slowly into the room and said slowly, "The people of Piaoxiang Valley." Du Junping was greatly surprised. "How do you know?" He asked. King Shura laughed and said, "Now that I'm involved in this matter, I have to get to the bottom of it." He immediately smiled and said solemnly, cattle weight tape ,Surveyors tape measure, "It's the old man who sees things too easily and wants to monopolize them. Now he knows that the future is full of difficulties and it's hard to predict." Du Junping always knew that King Shura was an extremely arrogant and conceited man. He would not have said such a thing unless he had encountered great difficulties. Then he said, "According to my predecessors, there must be a very powerful person in the alliance of heaven and earth." King Shura gave a snort and raised his face. "I've been in Jianghu for decades," he said. "I don't know what kind of person is a great man." Although Du Junping felt that his words were inconsistent, he realized that the future of the ninety-nine meeting was not optimistic. Not aware of a sigh way: "The younger generation also knows that the ninety-nine meeting is unpredictable, but I have to fight anyway. I don't believe that the alliance between heaven and earth can cover up all the people in the world." King Shura nodded his head and said slowly, "Piaoxiang Valley has already prepared a substitute for you. You and I have seen this man. Recently, he passed on a letter with a bloody sword and called Wulin Tongdao to come out to uphold justice.". But as far as I know, the factions are extremely indifferent to this matter, especially Wudang and Shaolin. For the sake of the safety of this faction, they have stayed out of it. At present, only Huashan and Kunlun factions are ready to speak for you, but after all, their strength is too little.. Du Junping answered, "All these things are known to the younger generation. The person who took the place of the younger generation is Wang Wenren, the elder of Yao Zhong." With a dignified look on his face, King Shura went on to say, "It is said that the Heaven and Earth Alliance is still dominated by the Iron Beard Canglong, and has seduced many evil spirits who have not appeared in Jianghu for a long time. It seems that the reorganization of the Heaven and Earth Alliance is expected.". ” Du Junping said angrily, "Does he ignore the opposition of his allies?" "At least twenty of his thirty-six allies are already in cahoots with him," said King Shura. "What's the use of opposing him?" Du Junping snorted: "I see the final evolution, only to go to war." King Shura said with a sneer, "If they were afraid of using force, they wouldn't have acted so recklessly. Naturally, they had already been prepared." Du Junping added, "The Heaven and Earth Alliance is an alliance of the same way in the martial arts world. Different ways do not work together. If the allies are dissatisfied with what the leader of the alliance has done, they can withdraw from the alliance in anger, or even denounce the leader of the alliance. Isn't it all over?" King Shura shook his head and said, "The fact is that even if a few allies withdraw from the alliance, it will not have much effect. Perhaps the alliance of heaven and earth has already set up a dragnet and wants to catch all the allies who oppose it." "Of course, it's not easy for them to kill them all, but we have to guard against them," he added. Du Junping was very angry and said angrily, "Since we know that the Heaven and Earth Alliance has taken despicable measures, we should have decided on countermeasures as early as possible." King Shura laughed and said, "My child, aren't you asking questions knowingly? If you hadn't prevented them from doing this, why would I have changed my appearance?" Du Junping added, "As far as the younger generation knows, Piaoxiang Valley has already been prepared. We should still find them." King Shura shook his head and said, "No need. The movement of Piaoxiang Valley may have been detected by the other side. If we go to contact at this moment, it will certainly arouse the suspicion of the Heaven and Earth Alliance. It's better to do it alone in the dark. It will have an unexpected effect." Du Junping suddenly realized something and said,Fiberglass tape measure, "So that's it." King Shura pondered for a moment and said, "But some things are beyond my expectation. I'm not quite sure what the future will be like." Du Junping's face was full of confusion and he said, "The older generation has repeatedly mentioned that things have changed. What exactly do they mean?" 。 tapemeasure.net