Drunk pillow rivers and mountains
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Drunk pillow rivers and mountains

Posted By Cooper Dennis L     September 19, 2022    


They pulled out their swords and rushed in. The yard was already in a mess. Those who were leaning on Zhang for help ran around the yard. Li Duozuo, Huan Yanfan and others rushed up and immediately raised their knives. At this time, who could be soft-hearted, those who resisted wanted to kill, and those who were in the way also wanted to kill. They were like a red-hot knife cut into butter and rushed directly to the second door. Many of the chamberlains who knew the opportunity knelt on the ground, trembling all over. The warning of the attack on the Hall of Immortals reached the inner guard at the first time. The inner guard moves with the son of heaven, where the son of heaven sleeps, the inner guard will choose a place to live near the bedroom, and set up a secret warning channel between the bedroom and the inner guard, this is an absolute secret, even Shangguan Waner can not understand. And in order to avoid arousing the vigilance of the guards, she did not dare to inquire. Over the years, Waner has also infiltrated and developed some people belonging to her, but as the queen's closest and last defense force, all its appointments and transfers are the responsibility of the emperor himself, Waner can intervene in the influence is really not much. Especially after Waner was pregnant, although she avoided Wu Zetian's vigilance by means of self-defilement, Wu Zetian still relied heavily on her in government affairs, but still had a rift with her, and some affairs involving the inner court began to be transferred to others. In fact, this is also normal, Wu Zetian has always paid attention to checks and balances and containment, how can Waner be allowed to dominate the inner court? At the beginning, Wei Tuan'er was Wan'er's restraining force in the inner court. However, in order to give a confession to the Crown Princess and the side imperial concubine who had been falsely accused of death, as well as the prince who had almost committed suicide, Wu Zetian executed Wei Tuan'er. Later, Wan'er was in charge of the inner court alone. It was at that time that Waner's influence on Meihua Neiwei began. But the emperor would not allow this situation to last too long, and it was out of this consideration that Waner instructed her good sister Fu Qingqing to play the snitch when she was pregnant and could not hide it. However, although their tricks succeeded in deceiving Wu Zetian, Fu Qingqing did not become the person who replaced Wei Tuaner, because Wu Zetian had two Zhangs, who were keen to control the power of the inner palace. As a result,Pi tape measure, not only did many affairs of the inner court fall into the hands of the two Zhangs, but because of Wu Zetian's love and trust for them, even the inner guards fell into their hands. If the internal guard can arrive in time, the success or failure is still unknown! (To be continued..) Novel t-xt heaven Chapter 197 a Long Day (9). Sincerely ask for guaranteed monthly ticket As soon as the warning message to welcome the Asgard reached the inner guard, the inner guard on duty acted quickly. In the days when they were on duty, they never took off their clothes and swords, so they assembled very quickly. When the last inner guard appeared in the hall, the handsome, cheekbones slightly high, the strong female captain waved her hand and ran out without saying a word. The inner guards did not need to be ordered, and immediately followed. The duwei named Luo Feiyun, Xiaoman served as plum blossom in the post of duwei, she was one of the deputy duwei, later married Xiaoman, she stood out from the two deputy duwei, served as duwei. Luo Duwei is rigorous and unsmiling, so most of the guards are afraid of her. The attack on the inner palace is a once-in-a-century thing, Walking measuring wheel ,Horse weight lbs, but as the last armed guarantee of the emperor, even if this possibility is rare, they must be prepared. They had all kinds of plans for how to respond, how to rescue the emperor, and how to break through when the emperor was in danger and the court suffered major changes, and they often conducted drills in peacetime. At this time, they just followed the law, and naturally there was no need to make more arrangements. The uniform weapon of these female bodyguards is a sword. In addition, according to their personal expertise, they are also equipped with sleeve crossbows, throwing knives and other hidden weapons. Because of their light weapons and extraordinary skills, they run very fast. Under the night, they can only see a light figure, just like a deer jumping out of the jungle to the sunrise. The distance from their lodging to Yingxian Palace was not far, so that once something happened, they could reach the emperor's side in the shortest possible time. With their light body kungfu, they rushed all the way, but suddenly eight pillars appeared in front of them, eight meat pillars composed of people, blocking their way. These are eight female sumo wrestlers under Princess Taiping. The eight men, each holding a heavy demon-conquering pestle, steadily crossed the imperial road between the Plum Blossom Inner Guard and the Yingxian Palace, blocking their way. A fat woman in the middle pointed the demon-conquering pestle forward and shouted angrily, "Go back!"! This road is impassable! "Kill it!" Luo Feiyun tit for tat, a Jiao shout, sharp sword dragon, clangorous out of the scabbard, from beginning to end at her feet have not stopped, sharp shout, draw a sword, front finger. All the movements were completed in the running, leading a group of female soldiers like wolves and tigers to press up like the wind and clouds. It is women who take the way, and it is women who block the way. This war between women and women seems to be more fierce than the war between men. The fat woman flew into a rage. Step forward, "bang" to a loud noise. The ground seemed to tremble. With a stroke of force to split Huashan Mountain, the demon-conquering pestle in her hand smashed down with a shrill roar. Luo Feiyun did not dodge, walked vigorously like flying, and pointed straight ahead with a sharp sword, sprinkling cold light all the way. Stop it! With a commanding rebuke. Behind the eight female Hercules, two beautiful girls suddenly appeared. The two handsome girls, each holding a palace lantern, stood around, and the red light reflected their snow-white dimples. As if a pair of Aura pressing little fox fairy, two people are tree seedlings and Zhou yuanbao. Behind them, there was a beautiful woman standing leisurely, dressed in white, elegant as Guanyin. Luo Feiyun suddenly saw the man clearly, and his eyes shrank. His indomitable spirit stopped. He suddenly stopped and called out, "Shangguan is waiting for the system!" It is reasonable to say that Shangguan Waner is impossible to betray the queen, and Shangguan Waner's prestige in the palace is too high, Luo Feiyun frightened, had to stop, for a while, she had to doubt whether there was any error in the warning she had just received. Shangguan Waner stepped forward and raised her voice,Walking tape measure, saying, "Tonight, the guards of the North Gate and the South Yamen have been ordered by the prince to send troops into the palace to get rid of the traitors. The internal guards will quickly avoid them." 。 tapemeasure.net