Piaomiao Journey _ Xiao Qian _ txt Novel Paradise
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Piaomiao Journey _ Xiao Qian _ txt Novel Paradise

Posted By Cooper Dennis L     September 19, 2022    


Because Li Qiang's foundation is Ziyan heart, which belongs to fire nature, it is of great help to refine utensils. There are two kinds of refiners: "refining" and "mind refining." The difference between the two cannot be mentioned in the same breath. "Refining" is to use the utensil as the tripod furnace, the immortal stone as the primer, and the true element to control the cultivation. "Heart refining" uses heaven and earth as the tripod furnace, and uses the true fire of Samadhi and the power of the true element to control the practice. It is the supreme method for refining the best utensils. The energy gradually fills the silver shield. Li Qiang used the "broken word formula" to cut off the true element, used the "solid word formula" to seal the formation, and used the "turning word formula" so that the formation flowed slowly in the silver shield. Although he was not very skilled, he still completed it smoothly. Li Qiang had a brainwave and decided to add another array to the silver shield and an attack array. At this time, we can see the importance of the storage bracelet. One by one, the immortal stones emerge from the hands and are thrown into the silver shield. They are: four water-based immortal stones with their softness, two golden immortal stones with their sharpness, and one fire immortal stone with its explosion. Because it was manufactured for the first time, it was unavoidable to bump, repair and modify, but it was finally completed. After the core part was completed, Li Qiang decided to make the silver shield look better. The first image that came to his mind was the "dragon." Anyway, the totem of the Chinese nation will always be rooted in the hearts of every Chinese descendant. Using the dragon as a shield, Li Qiang thought it was very desirable. It is extremely easy to forge the shield face with the true fire of Samadhi. What you think in your heart is what the shield face becomes. Li Qiang made the edge of the silver shield into a flame shape, embedded some gold and silver wires for decoration, and finally finished. Zhao Hao, an old disciple, felt that he had opened his eyes. Although he had stayed for seven days and seven nights,4 person jacuzzi, he was still very happy. Li Qiang opened his eyes and looked at the arm shield on his hand, and his pride overflowed on his face. Thirty centimeters of silver arm shield has changed its appearance, silver with golden purple, the round dragon on the shield surface slightly bulges, bared teeth and claws as if to fly away, the flame-shaped edge of the shield, as if there is a real fire burning. Li Qiang himself exclaimed and wondered, "Did I make such a beautiful arm shield?"? I can't believe it. Raise the arm shield automatically attached to the left arm,jacuzzi manufacturers, immediately feel the arm shield and oneself as one, as long as the force of Zhenyuan is urged, the array in the arm shield will start immediately. Li Qiang wanted to try its power, and when he saw Zhao Hao, he smiled happily. Old disciple Chao Hao holds his famous sword, the "Great Wind Blade," and with his full strength, he shouts, "Look at the sword!" The huge wind knife cuts through the air, and the sharp sound of breaking the air makes people's scalp tingle. As Li Qiang thought, the protective array of the arm shield began to activate. A purple and golden dragon full of flames surrounded the body, and the attack array was also activated. "Ping.." "Boom.." The giant wind knife is broken. Li Qiang secretly cried out that it was not good and hurriedly stopped the attack. When he moved, he grabbed Zhao Hao by the collar and threw him out. What a close call! That was close! He almost died. It's a joke to say that the first disciple was beaten to death by the first arm shield I made. Zhao Hao's knife was like cutting on a steel column, and what frightened him was that the steel column would make a rake. At the same time as the giant wind knife broke, the force of the shock made his whole arm numb and bleeding from the tiger's mouth. He watched helplessly as the purple and gold dragon rushed toward him and secretly said, "It's over." Suddenly I felt my collar tighten, Whirlpool bathtub ,outdoor spa manufacturers, and I flew out like a cloud and fog. Sitting on the ground, Chao Hao was filled with emotion: Even if my martial arts are outstanding among the Three Kingdoms in the'Green Basin, 'I am a master in any way. Master only used a small arm shield to try a move, but I couldn't even pass one in. If it hadn't been for Master, it would have been unthinkable! Feeling guilty, Li Qiang picked up Zhao Hao and said, "Hey, I broke your weapon.". "Well, I'll make you a new one and make amends." Zhao Hao, the old disciple, was both surprised and delighted. The weapon given by the Master must be the treasure of the immortal family. "Thank you, Master. Do you have a name for this shield?" Seeing Li Qiang shaking his head, he said, "I have a name in my heart. I wonder if the Master likes it." "Tell me about it," said Li Qiangqi. "How about'Red Flame Dragon Shield '?" Li Qiang shouted, "OK, I like it. It's called'Red Flame Dragon Shield '. Ha ha." The Journey of Piaomiao Chapter 6 Li Qiang did not expect that Zhao Hao's foundation was so poor. Seeing that this old apprentice, who was older than his father, had such a strong desire for knowledge, Li Qiang could not bear to fool him. After inquiring about Zhao Hao's training process in detail, Li Qiang was surprised to discover that with a smattering of knowledge, based on martial arts and kungfu, he went around looking for teachers and friends, collecting training methods from all possible places, and practicing until the opening period. He could not help but admire and be moved. Li Qiang decided to guide him to practice. Although Li Qiang is also just beginning to practice, the conditions are too good, not only has Ziyan heart laid an excellent foundation, but also the jade pupil slips given by Fu Shan, which is equivalent to the classics of Fu Shan School, recording a variety of methods of cultivation. Compared with Zhao Hao, there is a difference between heaven and earth. Zhao Hao had a deviation in the first step of his practice. After more than 30 years of practice, it was already a very dangerous thing for him to be forced into the opening period. Li Qiang can only let him start again from the period of rotation and tell him how to practice. At this point, Zhao Hao realized that the previous effort was in vain. Rotation period is the most fundamental means for practitioners to build a foundation, which is very important for future practice. When practicing, you must use five types of stones, namely, metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, to form a "small universe" with the body as the array, and slowly absorb them from the outside to the inside. Only then can you gradually change your constitution, adapt to the use of energy, and make it work skillfully. As soon as Zhao Hao understood, he immediately asked to practice. "Master, what do you think of my disciple practicing in the Kun position of the defensive array?" Zhao Hao is in high spirits. Li Qiang said with a smile, "You go and explain to your family first. I don't know when I will wake up when I sit down to practice.". I also want to finish the following things. Entering the practice again, Li Qiang had to admire the ingenuity of Fu Shan's idea. The shape of this hand crossbow is like an eagle flying high, only palm-sized,endless swimming pool, can be attached to the back of the hand, the attack array in the hand crossbow is delicate and subtle, almost so that Li Qiang can not start. monalisa.com