The Legend of Killing God in Online Games
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The Legend of Killing God in Online Games

Posted By Cooper Dennis L     September 19, 2022    


Long Xiaotian looked at the busy two women, suddenly remembered loneliness once said a classic sentence: "Women love shopping so much, because they think it is the only area they can control!" Indeed, in this field, even Long Xiaotian, a master of heaven, could not stand the repeated bombing of the two women. No wonder scientists in a certain country have found that the injuries suffered by a man accompanying a woman to a shopping mall are like the injuries suffered by a fighter pilot who flies two accelerations (accelerating with an acceleration gun will make the pilot unconscious for a short time). Accompany a woman to go shopping, is simply a man's mental and physical torture! (This is true!)! Check online if you don't believe me.) Long Xiaotian began to regret accompanying them out. Originally there was one Shangguan Cher, he could barely cope with it, but now there is one more. It's over. I'm going to die here today. Long Xiaotian's face turned pale in an instant. Shangguan Cher took the enthusiastic moon to stroll in the huge shopping mall. Every time she met a new commodity, she couldn't help looking at it. For those lovely dolls, they loved them even more. From their expressions, they could see that if conditions permitted, they would like to buy all the dolls and take them home. Long Xiaotian followed them like a dead dog, looking discomfited. I don't know how long it took. Anyway, Long Xiaotian was about to turn his eyes black. When he was about to fall to the ground, the two women probably felt enough, maybe they sympathized with him, and finally they would never go shopping. Long Xiaotian's tears are flowing. Finally,whirlpool hot tub, he finished shopping. "Brother Xiaotian, give it to me." Shangguan Cher stretched out her jade hand and put it in front of Long Xiaotian. "What?" Long Xiaotian scratched his head indecently and asked doubtfully. Money, of course. We've bought so many things, and we haven't paid the bill yet. Shangguan Cher said as a matter of course. "How much?" Long Xiaotian stared nervously at her little mouth, afraid that she would say millions and tens of millions of sentences. Not much, only more than five hundred thousand, "Shangguan Cher's eyes quickly narrowed into a slit,endless swim pool, as if to say a very small number." "What!"! More than half a million! Long Xiaotian exclaimed that although more than five hundred thousand was a very small number for him, it was a lifetime savings for ordinary family members. Although dotes on Cher, but long Xiaotian still sinks the face, severely teaches her a lesson, lets her not develop the excessive extravagant habit. Shangguan Cher's grievance lowered her head and was almost cried by the lesson of Longxiaotian. The moon beside her could not bear to look at it any more. She pulled Longxiaotian's sleeve and looked at him imploringly. Longxiaotian sighed and was about to give her the gold card. The derisive voice of a man drifts: "Since do not have money, do not install garlic there, little sister, I will help you pay, later you follow me." Long Xiaotian turned his head, and another second-generation ancestor led his men there with an arrogant smile. "Why, now SB so much," Long Xiaotian shook his head, a pair of people's hearts are not ancient, hot tub manufacturers ,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, the people around heard his words can not help laughing, "Dao elder brother, that boy scolded you!" One of his men reacted, "What? How dare you scold me?" The second ancestor's face turned black. Boy, you ***ing dare to scold me. Do you know who I am? The second generation of ancestors proudly said, "I am Ye Wudao!" This book is first published on Zongheng Chinese Network. Readers are welcome to visit the to view more excellent works. Chapter 61 Wannian Snow Mountain. Long Xiaotian was stupefied, "Ye Wudao?"? Never heard of it? "Ha ha ha." All the onlookers burst out laughing, and Ye Wudao's face turned black in an instant. "I want to die!"! You go to me, give me that man to be useless, the woman takes away! Ye Wudao ordered ferociously. Long Xiaotian after he said this sentence, eyes flashed a trace of murder, Long Xiaotian has always regarded relatives as their own inverse scales, and Ye Wudao dared to provoke the inverse scales of the dragon, the end is doomed! "Dragon Two!" Long Xiaotian shouted, his tone was not angry but powerful. A man appeared eerily in front of people after Long Xiaotian's voice came out. I'll leave this garbage to you. "Long Xiaotian lightly finished, took the two women's little hands, went to check out, not that he did not want to personally clean up the garbage, but that they were not qualified to let him do it!"! In China, there are no more than four people who can let Long Xiaotian make a move! After paying the bill, Long Xiaotian took the two women's hands and returned to the Dragon's house. As soon as he returned to the dragon's house, Long Xiaotian saw his brother sitting in a chair, exultant, and judging from his appearance, he was very excited. "How are things going?" Long Xiaotian asked. "It's done, and I already know the location of the snow lotus," Long Tianyang said proudly. "Oh?"? Who told you the location of the snow lotus? Long Xiaotian asked. "It's a thief. That guy has no ability. He just likes to wander around. As soon as I sent the message out, he found me and told me," Long Tianyang replied. On the line, Long Xiaotian came to the station, NPC guards took a look at her, let him enter the station, because Long Tianyang had given them orders, this man to enter the station, no one can stop him. Walking into the luxurious hall, Long Xiaotian saw a wretched man sitting on a chair in the distance, and his younger brother was talking to him. Seeing Long Xiaotian coming, Long Tianyang stood up and said, "This is my brother. He is the client of this mission." "Oh," the thief nodded, drank the tea in his hand and said straight to the point, "I am the one you are looking for. I know the location of the snow lotus." "You really know?" Long Xiaotian has some doubts, even lonely defeat dare not go to the place,american hot tub, this thief can actually go there? In fact, Long Xiaotian was wrong. He thought that the reason for seeking defeat alone was that even he dared not go to that place. In fact, seeking defeat alone was just because he was henpecked. It was not that he dared not go at all.