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Star media helmsman

Posted By Cooper Dennis L     September 19, 2022    


"This is nothing, I heard that Lin's production of'Family Birth 'is about to premiere, just as TVXQ is also in Korea during this period, it is better to let them go collectively if there is a chance." Zhou Junjian struck while the iron was hot. Ok, I will discuss this matter with the TV station. As you know, we are only responsible for the production of this kind of variety show, but the general direction is to be mastered by the TV station. Lin Weiran did not fill his words. Zhou Junjian picked up the bottle himself and said with a smile, "Well, shall we have another drink?" The atmosphere warmed up, and several people finally talked happily. The attention of the'little masters' outside the booth was slightly restrained, but every move on this seat still affected the atmosphere of the whole audience. Gu Huan is naturally the one outside this atmosphere, even if he is out of tune with this atmosphere, he did not leave proudly, as if he was staying here deliberately as an eyesore. The mobile phone in the suit vibrated, and he answered it directly, which completely put away the look of disdain. His face slowly stiffened, his eyes were dull but still shining with excitement, and the music and lights of the scene were forgotten by him for a moment, even if he had just lost face. He looked at Lin Weiran, and Lin Weiran had already discovered his difference. He tried to calm down and simply said three words. Here we go. Lin Weiran had no doubts. He understood Gu Huan's words and immediately said goodbye to Zhou Junjian, Jin Zaizhong and Piao Youtian. Two people quickly out of the club,indoor endless pool, all of them are awestruck. It was not until they were out of sight that Piao Youtian showed an impatient look and asked Zhou Junjian directly: "Brother, is it necessary for us to do this?" Yes, bowing to a strange man in front of so many people, women are women on this occasion, they don't care about circles, rules and so on, their eyes are always focused on the highest man on the scene. They came in this way, and the highest ranking was the two who had just left. How many endorsements do you have now? Zhou Junjian asks in reply,garden jacuzzi tub, see two people do not speak, say again: " 'fictitious idol' the 2nd envy profit statement came out, gain exceeds 3 billion.". There are more than 20 endorsements on this platform alone, and this is still the case that your men's group is not online. In June this year, the men's group will be launched, and it is conservatively estimated that the number of users will exceed 2 million, when the cost and number of endorsements will rise. Do you think he's worth it? Piao Youtian has nothing to say, this is to come out happy, but the result is like this, unhappy is also excusable. After a moment's silence, Kim asked tentatively, "Brother, isn't this project a cooperation with Samsung?"? Can Lin make a speech over there? "I don't know if I can say it. Anyway, this development plan was formulated by Lin Weiran in November last year, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,outdoor whirlpool tub, and it hasn't changed a word until now." Zhou Junjian finished, picked up the cup on the table, drank the wine, and then looked at the two men knocking: "You can do what the company says. You can make money only when you are good. The company will not let you be bad." On the bus, all the windows on both sides were opened, and the cool evening breeze naturally made people sober. Did not call the acting driver also did not have the energy to care about the inspection, Lin Weiran and Gu Huan looked awestruck. After driving for some distance, Lin Weiran stabilized his mood. He looked at the co-pilot and didn't know what to think. Gu Huan said softly, "I think you are more and more like Guodahua. Your mind is full of thoughts." Gu Huan is stupefied, turn to light smile to come out, there is thick self-mockery in the smile. After this, it doesn't matter who I look like. Neither of them was talking, just fantasizing about the future. PS, beg push close, crazily beg. [Volume 1: Two Years' Wine of Jiu Zhan Que Chao 147] 147 Two years old wine Lin Weiran sometimes thinks, if Gu Huan and oneself exchange position, that will be what situation in the end now. Guodahua was their first ambition after they came to Korea. This man broadened their horizons, increased their knowledge, and brought them to a world that they could not see even if they stood on tiptoe. Although that prosperous is only a rough outline, but also enough to make them yearn for, feel that even if they can not go in, it is good to see a few more eyes. Just a year ago, Guodahua was the person they wanted to be. "" The car went out for some distance, and Gu Huan, who was checking his cell phone, suddenly let out a sneer, causing Lin Weiran to take a look at him. The economic crisis is really a good way to collect money. He sighed, and then with a long sigh, he read the headline. Investment in Asia has fallen into a huge deficit, with a loss of more than 100 billion yuan due to the financial crisis. Hundreds of billions? This figure made Lin Weiran frown and asked, "Don't you say it's only 70 billion?" "It's now or never, no matter how many losses due to poor management, we should proceed step by step. The financial crisis is different, and it is possible for financial institutions to go bankrupt directly." Gu Huan said sarcastically, as if he could see through the clumsy tricks of these people at a glance. In recent days, the restlessness in his heart has approached its limit, as if it had reached a critical point. The phone call just now is to inform me that I must go back tomorrow. The financial edition has already got the draft, and it is estimated that it will be published in the newspaper tomorrow. "Which newspaper?" As soon as Lin Weiran asked, he realized that he had asked nonsense. With the fame of the financial crisis, the imminent bankruptcy of Chaoya Investment must be the best material for the newspaper giants to express their opinions. He patted his forehead with chagrin and said with a smile, "I will talk about the Samsung advertisement in a few days. Let them wait and see first. I also have a good reason to sell things." Gu Huan answered, even though he had known the plan for a long time, the restlessness in his heart was still ready to move. He looked out of the window to distract himself and asked casually, "Have you thought about it?"? What to do when you get the money. Lin Weiran replied, "I haven't decided yet." Gu Huan despised: "What a guy without a plan." Lin Weiran laughed and said, "If you have a plan, can you really do it according to the plan?" "Why not?" Asked Gu Huan. "The important thing is not what I want to do,endless pool factory, but what I can do, just like I am now," Lin replied. "What do you mean?" Asked Gu Huan curiously. 。