Death list
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Death list

Posted By Cooper Dennis L     September 19, 2022    


Before Qin Lun killed a fjord sea monster, and showed no intention to pursue the fjord sea monster, the fat man estimated that at that time he was identified as an enemy. After all, in the current situation of huge losses in the two plot teams, if Fanny and Statham are allowed to die, their mission may face collapse. Once it was established that Donald was on the reincarnation side, the rest of the puzzle was solved. The fat man should not be alone, he must have a few companions in the dark to help him. At this point in the plot line, following the direction of the fjord sea monster's escape, it is not difficult for the fat man's companions to find the cave ahead of time, and then ambush in the cave in front of the drowning part of the underground river. That would explain why Donald would chase the Fjord Kraken straight into the cave regardless. With the help of other reincarnations, he didn't have to be afraid of a few Fjord Kraken. His companions hadn't been on the plane, but they wouldn't be concerned by death. Donald's only flaw is that he is too anxious to arouse Qin Lun's suspicion. However, I think he also has no way, want to avoid the line of sight of Allen and others, with Qin Lun to a "reincarnation between the infighting", I am afraid there is no more suitable venue than here. In addition, of course, there is a very small probability of the possibility that Donald belongs to the high level of reincarnation, he has the confidence to fight against the law of cause and effect of the game of death, to save Fanny and Statham. This probability is obviously close to nothing, even if he is to dig deep into the world plot line,whirlpool bathtub, there is no need to take this risk. At this time, in the cave, the underground river bypassed the drowning section of nearly 100 meters, where a large cave reappeared, and a half-moon shaped open space appeared on the right side of the underground river. There were four people sitting or standing in the open space, and one of them, a fat man sitting on a rock with a golden knife, was Donald! But at this time the fat man's face was ferocious,best whirlpool tub, his eyes were cold, and there was no such stupid appearance as before. On his right foot was a large, headless corpse, the largest of the remaining sea monsters in the fjord. The other three little sea monsters were apparently all corpses, and the half-moon beach was covered with blood and the remains of sea monsters everywhere. Chapter 22 counter-killing "Will he come, boss?" One of the four reincarnations, a female reincarnation whose bangs completely covered her eyes, asked softly. I don't know, that guy is very cunning! Although Donald was full of resentment, he did not vent his anger on his members. He said in a deep voice, "Although his performance has been very contradictory, sometimes saving people and sometimes harming people, the final result has not changed. His existence has made our plot line collapse and more and more characters die, especially Wilson and Luke.." "Bang!" Donald thought of this and clapped a deep palm print on the rock under his body. He said angrily, "Wilson's death made us lose at least 30% of the task completion." "Boss, calm down. It's all our fault that we didn't come to Arcadia in time!" Next to several reincarnation heard, endless swimming pool ,whirlpool hot tub, their faces showed a wry smile. As Qin Lun speculated, Donald is indeed a reincarnation, but also the leader of this small team. However, because Donald used a prop to get direct access to key plot characters, his team members were no longer covered by the identity of federal agents. Donald followed Allen and others to Acadia National Park, which was driven by mysterious forces, while his team members encountered great resistance along the way because they did not have the status of federal agents. The road rangers are always looking for trouble, presumably from other reincarnated teams assigned to federal agents. Without the help of his companions, Donald himself was targeted by death, so he dared not take the initiative to find Wilson's team that night, causing the plot to get out of control. This result is probably not expected by all the reincarnation teams, who stumble over each other, thinking that with less external interference, the two plot teams can converge on their own. Unexpectedly, Susan met Qin Lun, which led to the death of Wilson, an important plot character. In fact, Susan will meet Qin Lun, probably also the influence of the game of death, after all, Qin Lun will also encounter the night attack of the sea monster in the fjord. At that time, there was no gun around him, and death might not be able to kill him. "Boss, according to you, that guy's strength may be higher than yours. Can we deal with it?" One of the four reincarnations, a male reincarnation with a high nose and deep eyes, asked with some concern. Hum, if he dares to drown, he will die. Donald's fat face was full of sneers. "People on the death list have been weakened by at least 50%. They should always pay attention to unexpected situations.". But the people who fight with him have increased their fighting power by 50%, because you have the help of death. The only thing you have to be careful about is not to be pulled too far away from the guy, or the impact of the death game on him will be reduced. However, we have no intention to calculate, and this place is not big, so we have a good chance of winning. Donald flashed his eyes twice and asked the female reincarnator whose bangs had blocked her eyes. "Are Fanny and Statham hiding?" "Well, they've been sedated, and they won't wake up for at least an hour." The female reincarnator nodded calmly. "However, after solving the reincarnation, we should treat them as soon as possible.". Fanny's in better shape, but she's too frightened. Statham has lost a lot of blood and is badly injured. Our recovery medicine is of no use to him. He needs immediate surgery. Fortunately, Statham belongs to Wilson's team and has not been targeted by death for the time being. If he were a member of Allen's team, any surgery would be a one-way ticket to heaven. Donald said with a wry smile. Boss, is the game of death really so powerful? We reincarnators have regular bodies. Is it okay to have an accident? Another reincarnator asked doubtfully. The game of death is not just an accident, it is the law of cause and effect of collapse, in other words, the fate of certain death. Donald said with deep feeling, "a single accident is not terrible, but a superimposed accident is terrible.". Have the effect of law of cause and effect, abrade can become scurvy, have a meal to be able to eat cyanide ~ natrium,outdoor hot tub, someone pricks you with a needle, can become inside haemorrhage, do you say terrible not terrible? 。