Spicy and overbearing
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Spicy and overbearing

Posted By Cooper Dennis L     September 19, 2022    


Came in the middle of the night. Just to ask that? "Humph!"! Who told you to do the other one? "That's an old man in his fifties. Why do you ask this, Master?" "You know who he is?" "Ah!"! There are so many customers that the little old man can know them all! "Can't you remember any features?" "Mmm!"! One nose, two eyes.. Ah! Yes, he seems to have only one finger. "A finger?"? Ha ha ha Suddenly in the middle of the night came this deafening guffaw, which really made people's hair stand on end. The shopkeeper, who had no martial arts at all, felt his scalp tingling. He shivered and said in a trembling voice, "Master, father, you.." "Zhe'er, the Buddha should have taken your life. For the sake of everything going well, today he will give benevolence outside the law, cut off the meridians of your hands, and touch your deaf-mute two acupoints. You won't think the Buddha is ruthless, will you?" The monk's words were like a knife. As soon as his voice fell, he raised his palm and went straight to the owner of the shop. The owner of the shop was so frightened that he collapsed on the ground with the sound of his legs. Just as the crisis broke out, there was a sudden burst of laughter outside the window: "Flying Dragon Bald Thief, don't you think it's too late to kill someone?" The monk was the Flying Dragon Zen Master. He shook his shoulder and immediately went out through the window. Quick and light, no sound and breath, flying skill attainments, is indeed perfect, worthy of the first-class master. The moonlight is melting and the shadow of the lamp is shaking. Standing in the courtyard was a figure dressed in clothes. It was that strange hero in Jianghu, Guan Yue, a beggar with iron fingers. Feilong Zen Master fell to the ground, and with a smile, he ran out of the town. Feilong Zen Master gave a sneer and ran after him. Both of them were rare masters in the martial arts world, but when they saw the figure swaying and the clothes blowing, they ran several miles away in about a cup of tea,Chinese spa manufacturer, but they were still ten feet apart. The Iron Finger Beggar could not take a step longer, nor could the Flying Dragon Master shorten half a foot. Just as they were locked in a stalemate, the iron-fingered beggar suddenly stopped. He burst out laughing and said, "Old Bald, I have no money, no money, and no cards. What are you chasing after?" Chapter 8 Helan Mountain is in the west of today's Ningxia. Helan Mountain Range, east from Dengkou, Shizuizi, Yinchuan,China spa factory, Yongning, west to Zhongwei, the whole mountain range is long and narrow like a belt, with an altitude of about 2000 meters. It is the best natural barrier to block the cold, wind and sand in the north, as well as the invasion of the Jin people (Xiongnu) into the Central Plains. Song, Yue Fei-in Man Honghong's poem, "Jingkang Shame" refers to the great humiliation of the Jin army attacking the Song Dynasty, capturing Bianjing, cutting the two rivers, and capturing the two emperors of Qin and Wei in the second year of Emperor Qin's Jingkang. In Emperor Gaozong of the Song Dynasty, in the first year of the reign of Emperor Jianyan, Yue Fei was a general who controlled Wang Yan. With Wang Yan, he led seven thousand military forces to fight against the Yellow River. He fought with the Jin people in the Taihang Mountains and captured one of their generals, Tuo Diao Ya'erwu. Later, he single-handedly, armed with eight iron guns, killed one of the Jin generals, King Black Wind, and became famous. Yue Fei was a general who was brave and skillful in battle. He was invincible and invincible, endless swim spa ,whirlpool hot tub spa, which made the Jin soldiers afraid! At that time, there was a popular saying in the Jin barracks: "If you want to shake the Yuejiajun, it is more difficult than shaking a mountain." Yue Fei, with lofty aspirations and loyalty, wrote in his poem "Painting the Wall of the Ancient Temple": "Righteousness runs through the bullfight. Vow to avenge one's chastity. A treacherous court official, Qin Hui, a native of Jiangning in the Song Dynasty, was the prime minister during the reign of Emperor Gaozong. He communicated with the Jin people and strongly advocated peace. In August of the eleventh year of Shaoxing, Yue Fei was summoned to seek peace with the Jin army, but Yue Fei refused and offended Qin Hui. In October of the same year, under the guise of the emperor's imperial edict, Qin Hui issued twelve gold medals, recalled Yue Fei, trapped Yue Fei in Dali prison, and died unjustly in prison. Near the West Lake in Hangzhou, there is a tomb of King Yue, with a statue of Qin Hui kneeling in front of it. When the tourists passed by, they picked up a sledgehammer and hit Qin Hui three times on the head. Later, the tourists simply sprinkled a bubble of urine on Qin Hui. This tells us that we can't do bad things that are harmful to nature and justice! Let's say that the Iron Finger Beggar's whereabouts were strange, and he lost his trace after a slight negligence. He hurried back in a hurry, and then stared at the Soul Hunting Strange Beggar. After hearing the official language in the ancestral temple of Zhang, he suddenly understood. He immediately laughed and came to the Black Stone Ferry. He went all the way, and he was familiar with the path. Not only could Leng Hao not catch up with him, but he also rushed to the front of the Iron Finger Beggar. Besides, Guan Yue, a beggar with iron fingers, looked up and laughed and said, "Old Bald, what are you going to do with me for half a month so you want to steal?"? Or do you want to rob? With a sneer, the Flying Dragon Master shook his hand and split at the Iron Finger Beggar. The Iron Finger Beggar is short in stature, and uses the "Shenxing Wuying" created by the hand of the poor God. The body, like a meatball, turned several times in succession. It had already dodged the palm and flashed under the shoulder of the Flying Dragon Zen Master. It burst out laughing and said, "Old bald, do you want to commit murder?"? If you are not afraid of being struck by thunder, just do it. As soon as the corpse spoke, he grabbed it under the armpit of the Flying Dragon Zen Master. Moves have not yet delivered full, suddenly a withdrawal of the body, automatically float back eight feet. The Flying Dragon Zen Master didn't expect this. He turned his hand around and walked into the gap. He was so angry that he cried out, "Smelly flower, do you still want to go?" His palm was like a knife, but when he heard the wind and heard the frost, he split nine palms in an instant. The iron-fingered beggar laughed and said, "Bald monk, I shouldn't owe you anything. Why don't you let me go?"? Could it be that all of you died in the temple and there was no one to bury you? On one side of your body, you even took a little, pointed to the consultant and kicked out two feet, and attacked seven palms. As soon as the situation slowed down, he burst out laughing and said, "Bald monk, I'm not good at going to the funeral. If you want to go to the flower streets and willow alleys, I'm an old horse who knows the way. I'll make sure you don't run into those bald men and grandchildren." Later, Laohuazi lowered his voice and pretended to be sneaky. Feilong Zen Master was so angry that his seven orifices were filled with smoke. He shouted angrily: "Garrulous and thin-tongued smelly flower, since you know the whereabouts of Green Jade Wei Tuo, you can't leave alive today!" As soon as the True Qi congealed, his palms were closed, and his eyes showed a gloomy light, slowly pushing forward. As soon as the Iron Finger Beggar received the state of giggling, the breath penetrated the whole spirit of the Dantian. The air is suddenly tense. The war is imminent. Suddenly, a few leaves were blowing, the moonlight was dim,outdoor whirlpool, and a figure fell from the field. Er Ru looked stunned and looked up with the same face. The iron-fingered beggar laughed. Feilong Zen Master snorted coldly, shaking his body, and disappeared into the dark night in an instant. monalisa.com