Beloved wife Jianghu Road
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Beloved wife Jianghu Road

Posted By Cooper Dennis L     September 19, 2022    


When Mei Man heard this, he was stupefied. "Looking for Master?"? Why are you looking for Master? "Why," said Nian Xinfu coldly, "did I say I was looking for Brother Mei?" Brother Mei clenched his teeth and said the three words very seriously. Mei Man blushed, but his heart was blocked. Why didn't he come to see him? I'm not looking for him! He said in a muffled voice, "Master just lost his temper. I'm probably taking a nap with his wife.". I dare not call him now. Wait a little longer. Nian Xinfu looked at him, thinking that this guy had the courage to be unhappy. Hum, I'm not happy yet. He came so far, but he gave me this gift as soon as we met. Mei Man looked at her and said, "Why don't you stay here first? There's still a room in the hall anyway." "Of course, I've come all the way to run errands. Is it difficult for Master Bi and Shaoxia Ling to drive me out?" Nian Xinfu, of course, wants to stay. This big fool is in a daze. If she doesn't watch closely, she won't be coaxed. Mei Man looked at her promise and said happily, "Yes, yes, stay here first. They must be happy to see you coming, especially the teacher's wife. She was talking about you the other day." Fang wanted to speak and then stopped. Look at this posture. Brother Mei and his disciples, even Master Bi, are all old acquaintances with this girl. Anyway, she has to calm down and find out the situation first. The three of them went inside with their own ideas. Fang took out the posture of the host family and asked Nian Xinfu about her name and origin. Then she said to Mei Man, "Don't worry, Brother Mei. This is a guest. I'll take good care of Miss Nian for you." Mei Man listened to this and felt strange, but he could not say where it was strange. Nian Xinfu, however, smiled and said, "This will trouble Miss Fang.". Mei Man is so silly that he can't take care of himself. He must have caused a lot of trouble to the girl these days,outdoor endless pool, right? I'll thank the girl first. It was as if Mei Man belonged to her family, but Mei Man did not refute it. Fang's face was blue and white for a while. Nian Xinfu added, "Just now Mei Man said that Ling Shaoxia's temper made the girl feel wronged. Don't take it to heart. We all know that Ling Shaoxia has that temper. Just don't touch Ruoyun's sister.". You've just been scolded a few words now. I don't think I knew them when I first met them. I had a fight with Ling Shaoxia. He doesn't have the idea of not beating women. So you'd better be careful when you do things every day. This also said that she was very familiar with Master Mei Man's wife, who had a backstage supporter and a backer, while Fang was just a worker. There was something in Nian Xinfu's words, but Mei Man didn't hear it very much. He only felt that what he said was very close to him, and he was secretly pleased. But Fanger understood that this man, whose surname was Nian, was completely giving her a blow. Just as Mei Man said, when Shui Ruoyun woke up, she was very happy to see Nian Xinfu. When the two girls were trapped in Jiuwei Mansion, they had already developed a deep friendship. When they met, they held hands and chattered endlessly. Fang son saw, naturally in the heart cool half, hot tub wholesale ,massage bathtub manufacturers, it seems that this take the way of the relationship between teachers, Nian Xinfu is the upper hand. When Ling Yueshan saw Nian Xinfu, his first reaction was to raise his eyebrows at Mei Man, who was followed by Baba. It seemed that this guy had a chance. Mei Man looked at his expression and knew what he was thinking. She hurried over to complain, "Master, she said she was looking for you and brought you news from Suzhou.". Master, why didn't she come to me? Ling Yueshan patted him on the head and said, "If you are more stupid, you are a pig.". Do we need a messenger at home? Do we need her to deliver it? Stupid! "That, that." Mei Man's heart was full of hope again. You can rest assured. Ling Yueshan patted his chest and said, "It's all up to you. Master will certainly help you. You must fight for your breath." Ling Yueshan said to help Mei Man, in fact, is also for his own plan. He wanted to open some nectar, spice and gouache shops in Suzhou, and if these daughters had a young and beautiful female shopkeeper as a living sign, it would naturally be twice the result with half the effort. Moreover, Nian Xinfu is not only beautiful, but also highly skilled in martial arts. Although she has a hot temper, she is a strong person who can hold things. This period of time contact down, her personality in all aspects are trustworthy, and now she has no other ties, if she can be recruited, it is naturally the best. Ling Yueshan saw that Xinfu was a woman who was willing to do anything and refused to admit defeat, and expected that she would be interested in her proposal. Sure enough, he expressed this wish to her, and Nian Xinfu agreed with only a little consideration. Mei Man was listening, and his heart was happier than Ling Yueshan's. Sure enough, it was still the master. So Ling Yueshan, Mei Man, Bi Danyang and Nian Xinfu, these four people seriously began to discuss the arrangement. The letter from Suzhou to Nian Xinfu was Zhong Qibo's investigation and analysis of the situation in the area, including the condition of the pavement, the location of the address, the surrounding environment, the manpower needed, and the recent momentum of business in the city. The situation of Suzhou and Fengsheng City is not the same, so the operation policy of Fengsheng City can not be completely copied from the past, and the products can not be all the same in opening shops to do business. Ling Yueshan's plan is that Zhong Qibo is careful and steady. He is in charge of the interior and coordinates all parties in Suzhou. He is a big steward. Mei Man is energetic, upright and Shanghai-style. She is more competent for external work. As a woman, Nian Xinfu has an advantage in supporting business, and it is not easy to arouse the guard of outsiders. She is responsible for taking care of business and secretly investigating the arrangements for delivering letters. Bi Danyang's Fengsheng City is one of Zong Qianyue's most important strongholds here, and naturally he will keep in close contact with them in the future. In fact, Bi Danyang had already received instructions from Zong Qianyue, and Ling Yueshan was half a master, so he actively reported and fully cooperated in everything. Several people hid in the assembly hall to discuss the plan warmly. Shui Ruoyun didn't care about these things. She just made tea and water for them,jacuzzi suppliers, prepared brushes and inkstones, and helped them record things when they needed them. She was a handyman, but she was very happy to listen to them.