Main Features of Mineral Screening Equipment

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Main Features of Mineral Screening Equipment

Posted By tank mixing     November 7, 2018    


Mineral processing equipment is commonly used in mineral processing plants. It mainly uses the vibration exciter to generate reciprocating vibration, promote the movement of the sieve, and complete the screening operation. The Screening Equipment is divided according to the running trajectory, such as linear vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen and custom vibrating screen.

Application of vibrating screen in concentrator

The process of the ore dressing production line is divided into: preparation work before ore dressing, sorting operation, tailings treatment. The vibrating screen is mainly responsible for the crushing of the ore after the preparation of the ore dressing, and the qualified material is sieved and sent to the lower mill. In the mine operation, the unqualified material returns to the crusher and continues to be broken. This is the location of the screening equipment at the factory.

In order to screen and separate the material, the screening equipment is vibrated or crushed to separate the feed by size. Screen media - a removable, easily replaceable panel attached to the deck frame with small particles passing through the panel allowing small particles to separate through their openings. Due to the vibration or tumbling action of the screen, larger particles rise to the top of the material bed, while smaller particles are filtered through the openings of the screen media to produce two or more portions.

In the process of developing high-performance motor vibrating screen, Zhejiang Jin Machinery Factory first analyzed the working principle of vibrating screen motor, and then used the modeling software to establish the solid model of vibrating screen motor and simulated it. Analysis of certain motion trajectories. The acceleration was simulated to verify the correctness of the model. Finally, the experimental scheme was developed and the actual experiment was combined with the simulation analysis and experiment. The technician also found that the operation of the vibrating screen motor is not only related to the mechanical properties of the vibrating screen motor, but also to the stiffness of the vibrating beam. Therefore, the design shape and cross-sectional dimension of the vibrating beam satisfy the rigidity requirement, and the screening of the screening device is avoided. Efficiency and mesh life have an adverse effect.

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