Four Common Car Clutches
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    • Last updated September 21, 2022
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Four Common Car Clutches

Posted By Ben Woo     September 21, 2022    


A multi-plate clutch stacks multiple friction plates together, with the obvious benefit that the amount of friction created within the clutch can be greatly amplified, so it can handle higher torque inputs. Used in many racing cars including Formula 1 and the WRC, thanks to the neat stacking, the amount of friction needed to stop the clutch from slipping can fit into the same diameter as the single-plate clutch.

Wet clutches typically have multiple clutch plates (in a car) and a source of oil to lubricate and cool the components. They are used in high torque situations where friction levels are high, so clutch temperatures can spike without some form of coolant. Any powertrain with more than 250lb-ft of torque should really use a wet clutch to avoid excessive wear on the rest of the transmission from overheating.

Dry clutches, on the other hand, are not supplied with oil and are usually monolithic. This means they can be more efficient because the lubrication causes a lack of friction between the plates in wet clutches and parasitic losses from the driveline due to the need for a pump to supply the lubricating oil. Therefore, the small coefficient of friction in wet systems is the reason for having multiple plates for effective clutch performance.

Dual-clutch transmissions now dominate the premium car market. Using a large clutch for odd-numbered gears and a smaller clutch for even-numbered gears, this form of transmission is known for quick, smooth changes and is now available in every supercar worth mentioning, as well as in many popular hatches and sedans turn up.

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