Path of exile is to run 4 labs total
    • Last updated November 8, 2018
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Path of exile is to run 4 labs total

Posted By Mill Neo     November 8, 2018    


Is the lab dream information about how nasty izaro is? could it be the traps? because seriously don't get it.

It's frustrating, challenging, dangerous, might be rewarding, which can be exactly how you need it to be, don't you think? I like it rather than those reasons..

Or do people wish to just have POE Trade the ascendancy directed at them in hideout?..

I do not believe that having running 4 labs total, 3 which often take ten mins tops and have absolutely zero threat at endgame.

Genuinely curious. I understand that a number of people don't think it is fun that's fine as well as be expected.

ps. great work ggg as usual.

Nice to listen for the Labs will Buy POE Currency remain mostly a similar, and will also be shorten a little.

I think Labyrinth is often a fun and interesting area, and love the secrets and puzzles inside. Really an along with entertaining expansion to your game.