Path of Exile impact on the power degree of the spec

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Path of Exile impact on the power degree of the spec

Posted By Mill Neo     November 11, 2018    


If spectres are overpowered or provide a lot of power for investment, they'll likely should be nerfed in powerlevel, not in tedium level.

 I fully support a nerf towards the POWER degree of spectres when it is warrented (and only when it is warrented). This was not tips on how to do it, together with literally zero affect on the power degree of the spec.

On my Necromancer I have about 9800 EHP with POE Trade MoM with 71% block and 71% spell block, double curse/EE for -175% fire effectiveness all mobs, everything dies in seconds, including shaper and I can essentially face tank all guardians and shaper.

 If I die for the reason that I just went afk or did something really dumb :) All end game submissions are trivial at this time with POE Items the build.

Thanks for cleaning up that mess. :)

The reason given for producing that mess to start with however - shocking.