Path of Exile find there's solution

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Path of Exile find there's solution

Posted By Mill Neo     November 12, 2018    


 I don't want to enter playing a "cookie cutter" build because it is OP - I wanna play in the style I want but additionally have -some- tankieness to possess a chance together with the bosses.

Anyway, to be a player who just grasping every one of the advanced concepts (with regards to a year in to the game) now I don't know if you will find there's solution (besides getter better gear, i.e. more currency) but merely wanted to Buy POE Currency go along with others who feel a similar way.

Thanks GGG for keeping PoE fresh!

This game mustn't be easy until you invest in t1 end game gear.

 That's the whole point. Who would desire to farm currency/bosses if your 1ex build can crush everything?

Then there could well be no incentive to take part in the game.

The "noobs" ought to learn to POE Trade play in the game like all the others had to learn it.

 It's not that complicated and hard. It only takes about two Leagues to essentially understand the action.