Main Types of Slurry Thickening Equipment

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Main Types of Slurry Thickening Equipment

Posted By tank mixing     November 13, 2018    


Thickening Equipment is also known as a thickener or a stirred tank. The working principle of the concentrator is to add a certain amount of flocculating agent to the slurry to be concentrated, so that the ore in the slurry forms a floc, accelerates the sedimentation speed, and further increases the concentration. The purpose of efficiency. The concentrating equipment developed and produced by Zhejiang Golden Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is suitable for the demineralization of concentrates and tailings in the concentrator, as well as metallurgy, chemical, coal, non-metal ore dressing, environmental protection and other industries.

Thickened devices usually have the following types:

Mechanical discharge concentrator: also known as concentrator, the most widely used, can be operated continuously, the center has three types: transmission concentrator, external roller drive concentrator and multi-layer concentrator, external roller drive concentrator. The peripheral drive of the frame and the peripheral drive of the roller. The slurry is fed to the concentration tank through a feeding device. The ore in the slurry is precipitated by its own gravity before the flocculant is used. At this stage, the concentration efficiency of the concentrator is low and the floor space is large.

Based on this type of thickening device, a hydrocyclone was developed. It is a new type of concentrated grading equipment with high efficiency and small footprint. It is widely used in mineral processing plants.

Inclined plate concentrating equipment: The principle of shallow settlement can shorten the material settlement time, increase the settlement area, increase the concentration efficiency, and have higher processing capacity per unit area. The sloping plate has a complicated structure and is inconvenient for maintenance and repair. The discharge port is easy to block and the ore concentration is low. The equipment can be used for dewatering, degreasing and concentration operations in small concentrators.

Efficient and dense equipment: With a new mechanical structure, high-efficiency thickeners are no longer simple material settling. It is a new solid-liquid separation device that combines sedimentation and mud filtration. It greatly enhances the flocculation effect of flocculants on solid particles. Compared with the traditional thickener, the high-efficiency thickener has the advantages of large processing capacity per unit area and small floor space.

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